Sunday , January 17 2021

Director of Taiwan's Taiwan office and his trip to Taipei did not respond to Wu Bauchun's remarks – "Voice of America Chinese (VOA)

  1. Director of the Taiwanese Office in Shanghai and his visit to Taipei did not respond to Wu Bauchun's remarks. The voice of the American Chinese Network (VOA)
  2. Did the Taiwanese authorities say that the "Consensus of 92" is contradictory? China's Taiwan Service responded to
  3. Taiwanese Department: Denial of "1992 Consensus", Taiwanese Authorities Policy on Crossing Will Not Work –
  4. Notes from a Taiwanese baker on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the Taiwan Mainland Service, responded in this way.
  5. Some people claim to be Taiwan's first Taiwan independence group, Taiwan's office: "What's Big?"
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