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Does UnionPay pay half for you? Cloud Flash App or alleged false ad is causing user downloads – Ecommerce – Platform / Internet Finance

Following the promotion of the "Double Eleven" Merchants, "Double Twelve" will also come soon. This year's turn of the Twelve Commodities reached a new record of 213.5 billion yuan. "The Double Twelve," as the last big promotion at the end of the year, has allowed many companies to make the final sprint preparation.

Recently some users reported having heard a message in radio ads – Cloud Flash Pay APP launches "one day a day is not easy to pay for half of 12,12 UnionPay for you" but after downloading and registering the app, users were found , that UnionPay is not able to "pay half for you". The ad is suspected of misleading content and forces users to download and use it.

Pay half, the actual offer is with a cap

"UnionPay pays half for you!" Mistake! One penny is not easy to be true! This wave is conditional.

The cloud flash pays the APP home page with a prominent position hanging on the "Ci Lian pays half" for you.

Cloud Flash Pay APP is a product for a unified strategy for mobile payments for the banking sector. According to the user's instructions, the reporter downloaded the APP cloud platform, and the ad on the first page of the homepage hangs the "Ci Lian pays for you", "12,12 UnionPay pays half for you", "12,12 at half price "and" 50% discount ". Such prominent texts and pictures are used for publicity, but the reporter found that in the actual agreement he showed that only the limitation limit of 10 yuan to 88 yuan could be used. The key information about such bids is not marked to a significant extent with the above-mentioned words "CUP for half of you", "half price" and "five percent" and is noted only in the small part of the business rules.

The user said he had heard the broadcast telling that the consumption of twelve people could benefit from half a price concession, then download and install the app and find that there were no ads.

The cloud flash pays the APP home page with a prominent position hanging on the "Ci Lian pays half" for you.

Attorney: Advertising is suspected of fake publicity

In this regard, Beijing Panggio Pang Shuiai, a law firm, said that when consumers see "half price" and "five percent discount", they are likely to be reasonable, universally and graciously understood as half the price of the commodity. , in turn, affecting users to download the Flash Cloud Payment Platform or decide to use UnionPay's Cloud Future Payment on the Purchase Payment Method.

Article 20 (1) of the Consumer Protection Act of the People's Republic of China states that: "The operator shall provide consumers with information on the quality, performance, use and duration of the goods or services and shall be true and complete." Article 4 (1) of the Advertising Act states: "The ad may not contain misleading or misleading content and may not mislead or mislead users."

"At the same time, under Article 28 of the Act, such advertising ads issued by UnionPay Yunxue are suspected of producing false ads that mislead and mislead consumers, each unit or person enjoys the market surveillance and administration department in the administrative district This means that industrial and commercial authorities make complaints and report, and consumer associations also have the right to conduct social supervision after they are recognized as false communications under the law. are faced with administrative sanctions such as the suspension of advertising by the competent authorities and fines from advertising fees of three to five times, "said lawyer Pang Shuiy.

Coincidentally, the previous "unlimited package" attracted a large number of users under the strong impetus of the three major operators. However, consumers have found after use that so-called "unlimited bandwidth" usually requires a speed limitation after using 20G, which is contrary to the "unlimited" propaganda of the operator. Subsequently, the advertising campaigns of the "unlimited packages" of the three main operators were discontinued by the respective departments and the corresponding self-assessment and repair activities were carried out immediately. The main problem is the unreasonable behavior of restrictive conditions in nominal "unlimited" propaganda and rules.

Lawyer Pang Shuiy offered the companies concerned to take precautions and fully respect consumers. Strengthen public regulation to avoid misleading consumers.

Cloud Flash Pay APP or alleged false propaganda is causing users to download.


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