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Dong Mingzhu "chief executive" Gree does not interrupt the speech transmission and then several years of signal | Dong Mingzhu | Gree | Gree Electric _ Sina News

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Original title: Dong Mingzhu "government" Gree has no tension

If there is no chance, Dong Mingzhu, who has successfully joined the new board of directors, will again be elected chairman of Gree Electric. This means that 65-year-old Dong Mingzhu will open his second term as chairman of Gree Electric.

Yesterday afternoon, Gree Electric held its first extraordinary shareholders' meeting in 2019 at the headquarters of Zhuhai. One of the most important decisions of this general meeting of shareholders is to decide whether Dong Mingjou may remain on the board of directors. Although this is a highly probable event, Dong Mingju's star effect has made the current shareholders meeting much more concerned.

Dong Mingju: Speech delivered the "work for a few more years"

Yesterday afternoon, when Dong Minghu entered the general assembly of shareholders, she was met with applause and photo of the audience's mobile phone. Dong Mingzhou often waved at everyone and the star was full of a fan.

At the conference, Dong Mingzhui delivered a speech on "A new era of enterprise and a dream to catch up again." The external evaluation shows that Dong Mingzhu has already done a good job "a few more years." As for the outside world's arguments about when she retired, Dong Minghu said she would like to retire now for her own sake, but that the development of the enterprise must have continuity. She continued to say that the listed company did not set the age for mandatory retirement. "While you want to do this, but my thoughts, who really can be responsible for the future development of Gree, this is a very serious topic, it's not me, if you have the final word, you can make a result. Gree are simple: while the company is becoming your own home, you are the future heir.

Shareholders: I hope I can dare to say that I dare to be a family member.

The results of the vote of Vice President of Gree Electric Wang Jingdong also showed that Dong Minghu won a high vote in support of 98%.

Yesterday Gree Electric shareholders told the Youth Youth Daily reporter that he had voted in favor of Dong Mingzhu yesterday, and the Gree shareholders around him who knew they had voted for him as well. "Although Dong Mingjou is a controversial man and sometimes self-determined, our shareholders still hope that the Greeks can have a family member who dares say he dares to do it and is not afraid to offend people!" Just look at the rise and fall in stock prices, in fact even the company does not know what to do. Buying Gree shares will be very practical and shareholders can know what the company is doing and what the chairman thinks. He told reporters at the Beiqing Daily that Gree stocks were good for the past two days. In the household appliances sector, the household appliance sector is in a leading position and is quite satisfying as a small shareholder.

Vice President: There is no tension in the resumption of the chairman of the board of directors.

In line with established practice, the new Board of Directors of Gree Electric will follow the board of directors to elect a new chair. Dong Mingzhui, who has successfully entered the new board of directors, is almost a leader. That means 65-year-old Dong Mingzhou will open his second presidency. In 2012, she took over former chairman Zhu Jianghong to provoke the role of chairman and president of Gree Electric.

Yesterday, the newly elected director and vice president of Gree Electric, Wang Jingdong, also spoke highly to Dong Mingzhu at the shareholders' meeting. "Over the past six years, Mr Dong has created tremendous value for shareholders and society, which is in the ranks of Director Dong, which means that Dong Mingju's position in the new Board of Directors is obvious.

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