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First Grand Slam champion Zhang Shui was the sixth in the Golden Flower of China |

Original Title: First Grand Slam Champion! Zhang Shuay became the sixth person in the Chinese golden flower

[环球时报综合报道]"Good things will always happen to those who are ready to adhere to it." The women's finals of the 2019 Australian Open Cup Women officially kicked off in the 25th century. Chinese team Zhang Shuiy and the Australian star Monsignor Stosur defeated the defending champion in two sets by joining hands for the first time. Win the Grand Slam championship. The British Guardian commented after the game that the victory of 34-year-old Stosur and 30-year-old Zhang Shuai together proved the value of stubbornness.

"As a non-seminal player, Zhang Shuiy and Stosur have gone all the way and finally defeated the defending champion." The BBC said on the 25th that it was the first Grand Slam champion, and also the sixth place to win the Grand Slam title. China's "Golden Flower", the first Chinese player to win the Women's Australian Open for 13 years. Zhang Shuiy thanked him after the game and said he would continue to work hard and bring better results. It is reported that when Zhang Shuiy's idea of ​​retiring in 2015, Stosur advised her to persist in her dreams. Zhang Shuiy remembered after the game that "Samantha is my best friend, I do not want her to be sad … and I said that if I fight again, I will have more hope." This pair of multinational companies won the Australian Open Championship, which made them the focus of the women's pairs this season. (Peng Zefeng)

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