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Xinhua Agency, Beijing, Dec. 10: The flags are directed to Kangjuan Boulevard – China's self-esteem of 40 years of reform and opening

Xinhua Agency, Reporter Zu Wei, Lin Hui, Ding Xiaoxi

40 years of reform and opening, 40 years of hurricane and rain.

In the historical turning point of the fate, the flag is oriented and the helm is led in the critical period of development that determines success or failure. For 40 years, the party has led people to find a new world of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to continue to consolidate road credibility, theoretical self-esteem, institutional self-confidence, and cultural self-esteem. The foundation. More than 1.3 billion Chinese have gone on the broad road of national rejuvenation with unprecedented high attitudes.

The foundation of self-esteem – a big leap in reform and opening, the Chinese nation stands in the world-wide national forest with a brand new look

November 22, Beijing, National Museum. Big change – in the big showroom, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the reform and opens, the viewers are like clouds.

– We're the people on the picture.

Fukue Village's Hako, Fukube Village Secretary, Zoige County, Sichuan Province, happily tells about the big changes in life behind the filming: every household is connected to broadband and watches HDTV and can know the big things in the country and abroad, without leaving home …

"Reform and opening make our days better and better, and we are full of confidence in the future." Haco smiled on his face.

From poverty to abundance, from poverty to degradation, from the edge of the national economy to the brink of collapse, to the world's second largest economy, the largest industrial country, the largest merchant, the largest foreign exchange reserve, From Reform and Opening During the year, you record the most magnificent epic in the history of the Chinese nation's revival.

The world's largest compulsory education system, the world's largest basic medical insurance network, the world's largest shore renovation project, the largest motorway network, the largest radio telescope, the fastest supercomputer … every stunning achievement This is the imprint of the struggle that reflects China's prosperity.

Lack of slopes of livestock, the spring is full of green slopes.

This "landmark" in Liuji Yaotou village, Yanchi County, Ningxia, left a painful memory for the locals. "It's very hard to walk away from my notes, the wind and the sand are buried together in the sand, it's very difficult to climb the slopes, it's hard for people to climb the cows," said the 65-year-old peasant Liu Zhangman.

Today, after a massive ecological recovery from the 1980s, the lack of slopes of livestock is not only away from the wind and sand, but also an ecological channel for sightseeing. Part of the arable land and vigorous development of the Shepherd Tan industry has enabled Liuji Yaotou Village to achieve overall poverty alleviation. Local cadres said the hope of getting rich makes everyone feel confident.

Continue building and demonstrating the power of China's self-confidence;

Wang Ming, Deputy Director of the Fusion Center at the Ministry of Science and Technology, found that the order in which China plans to talk today is getting worse at the international negotiating table.

"When conducting international negotiations, the more important members often stand to speak, which will help to reach a consensus." Wang Min said that the sooner we develop and the more confident ourselves, the more important our words will become. there is an appeal.

40-year celestial awards, Tiangong, Xiaolong, Mozi, Wukong, Tianyan … Blowout's scientific and technological innovations from "follow-through" and "side by side" to some "leaders" show China's full stamina in development .

In the age-old port of Manjuli, the chill of noise could not hide the "hot" here. The whistle, an international train full of freight and passengers, was flown past the country with the Chinese national emblem.

Reopening and opening, leaving this former "one cigarette to the end" of the quiet border city, jumped to the country's largest port and revived the economic game of chess in Eurasia.

Contribution of over 30% to world economic growth, deepening the construction of Belt and Road, encouraging the release of the BRIC + potential and advocacy for building a community of human destiny … China, which is being reformed and opened, is approaching the center of the world scene with confidence and calmness. ,

40 years change. Faced with endless challenges and challenges, China has always been confident.

At the end of 2017, the Caribbean island state of Grenada invited China to draw up a national development strategy plan for itself. In addition to trust, this is more recognition for China's development and recognition of the Chinese way.

Earlier this year, the US National Interests published a two-month "Chinese Character Development" website to develop the enlightenment brought by China's development model in the world today.

The world has never seen China as it is today. As world opinion is appreciated, when the world faces the uncertain future, China adheres to the concept of global governance of building and sharing and realizes its own development by introducing lasting confidence in the overall prosperity of all countries around the world.

The source of self-esteem – rooted in the magnificent practice of reform and opening, socialism with Chinese characteristics is the theme of time

"There is a small post in the north and a cloud to the south.

In the early spring of 40 years, Guanling, Dingyun Commune, Guizhou. Under the gray kerosene lamp, the seven farmers of the Taojiazhai production team quietly signed a contract for the production of the package. In the autumn, each family not only had enough food, but also saved food. The scene of the harvest bumper quickly led to the "follow the wind" of the entire municipality.

"I did not sleep well this year, my heart was very amazed, I was afraid of something to go wrong." Leading the time, Chen Gaoshong, who is now at its core, said, but it is "the heart of the people."

If the road is right, it will not be afraid of thorns and strong winds.

China's self-esteem comes from the growing breadth of the road –

Over the last 40 years, reform and opening have faced countless theories and practices: whether collective land can be negotiated with households, whether the number of employees can exceed seven, whether state-owned enterprises can fail or whether socialism can develop a market economy. .

"Take your own way and build socialism with Chinese characteristics." Over the past 40 years, reform and opening have always kept in the right direction, neither by closing the tight old roads nor by reversing the bad way of changing the flag.

The road is good, and the people who walk along this road have the most words. The enormous changes in food, clothing, housing and transport, the rise and fall of society and the international situation are not the same as before … When we follow the Chinese socialist path to create Chinese wonders over and over, rising confidence is growing.

China's self-confidence, scientific guiding from the truth –

"For a country, a party and a political party, its development must be driven by an idea," said Qu Quingshan, deputy director of the CCP's Central Party Institute for Historical and Literary Party.

Over the years, the Chinese Communists have combined the basic principles of Marxism with China's national conditions and used Mao Zedong's thought as a weapon to achieve the great victory of the new democratic revolution and the tremendous achievements of socialist construction.

In the turbulent times the Chinese Communists have always insisted on emancipation of the mind, the search for truth from facts, the advancement of time, the search for truth and pragmatism, the theory of Deng Xiaoping, the important thinking of the Three notions, the concept of scientific development and the new age of socialism with Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping. The light of truth has brought the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics to a new kingdom.

China's self-esteem comes from a deep, civilized fertile soil –

November 14, French Academy of Arts. Chinese sculptor Wu Weishan took over and became a second Chinese artist to become an academy academician after the artist Wu Guangdong.

"The strengthening of my art is mainly due to the deep Chinese spirit in the works." Wu Wishan said that we have a deep national culture, a long history, and a creative spirit of reform and opening, we have to keep trust.

It can be pulled a lot deeper to make it much longer. The Chinese civilization, each of which is the cornerstone of national blood, is deeply engraved with cultural self-esteem, accumulating a more fundamental, deeper and more lasting force for the nation and nation.

China's self-confidence also stems from the party's strong leadership.

After the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the Central Political Bureau took the lead in creating a precedent and guiding the change of the whole party style. This is the discipline of the wind and the sword and the processing of accounts for hundreds of thousands of members of the party and cadres; Inserted, continuous system tightening of the system …

People have seen that a political party that has fought bloody battles in the revolutionary storms is still alive and energetic in the new revolutionary revolution and opening it. It reformulates the body and cools steel in steel with fearless courage and strong will .

In November, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committees, Secretary General Qian Yinan and Provincial Deputy Governor Zhai Ruilin of Jianggu province were suspected of serious violations of law and discipline, and accepted disciplinary investigation and oversight of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the State a committee of discipline inspection, demonstrating the determination and intensity of the fight against corruption.

The centuries-old party is full of prosperity. The big country is full of time.

"Indeed self-esteem is engraved in genes derived from the soul, true self-esteem is to deal with the problem and give an answer, true self-esteem is mutual proof of the path and theory and the integration of system and culture." "Why are we confident?" Liu Zhou, the author of the book, said,

The power of self-confidence – pushing the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics forward with a more confident mental state and position

After 40 years, the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics has found a new situation and is entering the moving landscape of reform and opening.

To drive the dream of revival, we need to be more determined than the "four self-confidence" – road self-confidence shows the direction of realization, theoretical self-confidence provides theoretical guidance, institutional self-confidence provides a fundamental guarantee, and cultural self-confidence provides spiritual motivation.

Moving forward, the direction of the road becomes clearer –

After the snow, the residents of Qiaotou, Minx County, Qinghai province, were already busy – the laminating machine slowly moved through the fields and rolled the scent on a piece of land.

"While the majority of party members and cadres and the masses dare to dare to work hard, work hard and work together, our goal will be achieved," said Li Yulan, the first village secretary of the village of Kyao in the village.

Currently, local cadres and more than 30 million poor people in 128,000 poor villages throughout the country are starting the final charge against deep poverty under party leadership.

Direction defines the road and the road determines the destiny. People firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with the other Qing Jinping as the core and continual maintenance and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics there will be no mountains that can not be overcome.

Moving forward, the light of the theory is even more inconvenient –

May 5 at the Beijing University Monument.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth, the 170th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening, more than 120 famous Marxism experts in more than 30 countries around the world gathered to explore the successful Marxist password in China.

"The 40th anniversary of reform and opening is a process in which the Chinese Communists continue to use and develop Marxism," said Gu Khaljagan, a professor at the Beijing University. Under the leadership of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping, socialism with Chinese characteristics will certainly show a stronger and more convincing force of truth.

Moving forward, the benefits of the system continue to appear –

At 9 o'clock on November 3rd, with the installation of the last red steel beam in place, the Wenchuan Control Project to the Malcolm Motorway – Venhuan Keang Bridge crosses together.

It takes about 50 kilometers from the bridge to Yingxiu to enter the tenth year of disaster reconstruction. Immediately near the ruined ruins, the "patriotic educational base +" is being carried out: accelerate the construction of the Wanzhu Ancient Tea Tree Expo Park, accelerate the construction of the Yuzixi Rural Revitalization demonstration site and accelerate the construction of Yingxiu's patriotic film and television base …

The Wenchuan earthquake, the Yusu earthquake and the Ludi earthquake … All the people in the face of the crisis are united and united, and after the crisis, the eight parties support and cooperate effectively. The unique advantages of the Chinese system are to record more notes at a time.

Moving forward, the source of cultural power is released –

Culture is the soul of nation and nation.

The civilized and confident stellar light in time and space gives rise to wider recognition and stricter supervision, illuminating the future of the Chinese nation.

Convinced in China, China is confident.

The words of Secretary General Jinping are still in the ear: "There were countless sculptures, the sea is still there!" After more than 5000 years of trouble, China is still here!

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