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Former swimmers will release new movies, athletes will experience the help of the big ones – love, their own, the premiere, me too, two – Netease Sports

2019-02-14 04:05:38 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on February 14th:

The romantic comedy "Fifty Meters of Love" has recently premiered in Guangzhou. Director Li Ili and Fan Lisen are sitting in the city. Jing, who shot in the dramatic group, sent a blessed video for the joy of a new job, featuring his wife, Fan's Lisshen, who was just the scene of the Guangzhou event, could not shake that Wing Jing was a "protective woman and crazy ". Fang Lyshen had previously been a swimmer in the Hong Kong team in China and had ever represented Hong Kong in China to participate in the Olympic Games. He said that athletes' experience is of great benefit to the development of the entertainment industry after the transition.

The new film "Fifty Meters of Love" will be released on February 14, and the main characters Fang Lyshen and Sean will collaborate for the first time. He said very helplessly. Fan Lyshan firmly said he had played a "fake" love film. Of course, for the name of the film, Fang Lishen said he is very suitable for himself, because 50 meters is just the distance to the pool, which seems to be his former swimmer's name.

Feng Abishan, formerly a swimmer from the Hong Kong team in China, said he was paying attention to the news of the Chinese team and the Hong Kong swimming team. Sun Yang and Ning Zetao are very admired players. Of course, besides swimming, Fan Lisen is also very concerned about football and basketball, his favorite football team is the Premier League Arsenal.

As a star from an athlete to a show business, Fan Lyschen believes that the athletes' experience has been very useful for the development of the entertainment industry. "As an athlete, if you want to achieve good results, you must continue to fight for him. So, after I became a singer and actor, I continued to learn and improve myself to meet my own requirements. This insistence on pursuing a higher self-esteem must be the character formed by athletes. "Fang Lishen believes that as an athlete it is very clear that only 100% of the effort can be rewarded but not necessarily paid. Good grades. Athletes often feel a sense of disappointment after hard work, so he is still an athlete's mentality in the performing arts and he tries to work hard, and the end result can stand upright.

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