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From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars? Oriental car

2018-11-25 01:02 Source: ZAKER car

On 23 November 2018, undermining the trend and breaking the "long" rule, the new chapter of the new generation of luxury models will be opened! The new sedan with the avant-garde long base of the Mercedes was officially presented in Beijing.

The new retail price of Mercedes-Benz with a long A-class sedan base

New Mercedes-Benz A 180 liter sedan

RMB 216,900

A new Mercedes-Benz A 180 L sports sedan

RMB 235,900

The new Mercedes-Benz sedan 200 liters

RMB 267,900

Mercedes-Benz's new 200-liter sports sedan

RMB 271,900

The new Mercedes-Benz A 200 L Sport Sedan

RMB 299,900

The new models include the new A 180 L sedan and sports sedan, the new A 200 L sedan and sports sedan and the new A 200 L sports sedan special edition. The range offered by the manufacturer ranges from 216,900 to 299,900 RMB. yuan.

From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars?

The new generation has a style, "Yang" should be "type"

The style of the new generation is a cool figure composed of lines and light and shadow. As a new upgrade to Mercedes-Benz's sensible, clean concept, minimalist lines and clean profile give a long and robust appearance unique to long wheelbase models. The fierce face "Guy eyes of eye hunters" shows the heroic and complacent of the new generation with the attitude of the pioneer. The right and long high-performance LED headlamps, such as the falcons in the shuttle, sharp eyes capture the changing moments, the new fighter-like rear wing design radiates proud light, the shape of the nose passing through the body in the string, when touched by the hair, the beauty of the merging of strength and curve.

From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars?

The style of the new generation is a distinctive approach to publicity. The new Class A long wheelchair sedan features two distinctive sedan styles and a sports sedan. The retraction between the two cars is the perfect choice for a new generation of customers: the sports car is equipped with a flashlight grinder and chrome AMG. The front and rear bumpers of style, with a sporty carriage pouch, lean lines and sporty side skirts, brilliant and dynamic, the car is equipped with a high-quality black diamond grille, sleek front and rear bumpers and sleek side skirts depicting stylish style.

The new generation has a style that violates the "long" rule.

Investigating internal persecution, you are dared to break the "long" rule. The position of the new generation lies in the control of quality and style and it is easy to overtake and retreat to prosperity and comfort. The interior of the new long-distance A-Class sedan is full of temperatures thanks to the technological experience. Unmatched quality and comfort at the same level improves driving and this is the interior of the new generation luxury sedan. Some look!

From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars?

When the luxury of the new generation, he set out an interior revolution that pushes the "new luxury" to a new level of sensitivity. The design and detail of technology and luxury create a full set of experience and touch feel: The Flying Wing dashboard layout emphasizes openness with its nominal value being equipped with a dual 10.25-inch HD display. The "Interactive Screen for Big Visions" screen is as cool as the jet turbine "coming out of glare." "Big Vision Interactive Screen" shows a wonderful digital world with a new design, and the left panel has four styles on the display, and the right display can be multi-touch, and the interface can be personalized and multi-directional. Sliding, the operation is as convenient as the smartphone. "Lighting Lighting" Not only is the light synchronized with the 64-color ambient light system that provides 10 color themes, but also the suggested "Getting to know the cold" depending on the temperature change of the air conditioner. In this case, the addition of Burmester® surround sound is more like a wonderful aroma that keeps the waves from ear to heart. Smog Terminator effectively removes up to 98% of the dust particles in the air, helping you to prevent PM2.5 damage and automatically switch the internal circulation when the concentration of harmful gases is too high. Feel the care and protection of the nuances between breathing.

From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars?

Taking into account the needs of new-generation customers in China, the new Class A long wheelchair sedan has created a wheelbase of 2,789 mm for the same recording level, making the 2-meter leg "can be fitted". Long legs in the back row. The 20 mm rear seat cushions, 10 mm thick, are also designed for the Chinese market, allowing you to rely on the pursuit of your dreams. The external cockroaches disappeared without any trace under the optimized treatment of NVH, which resulted in extinction of discomfort and anxiety. That is correct! You only need to be responsible for the trend, bathe in the sun and bloom under the huge panoramic roof of the new long-distance sedan. Everything else will make the new long-wheel-drive sedan A for you.

The good looking look is unique and the interesting interior styles differ. The new sedan with advanced sedans and sports sedan Class A features two distinctive interiors: a versatile sports steering wheel with Nappa leather, a sports seat and dark carbon fiber interiors that are responsible for the passion of the sports sedan. Ignite – the sporty multifunction steering wheel, the luxury seat and the bright silvery carbon fiber inside add elegance to the car.

From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars?

The new generation has a personality, "intelligence" is inevitable

"Hello, Mercedes, I'm a bit cold – I'll help you raise the air conditioner to 26 degrees," "Hello, Mercedes, I'm not happy – nothing, I'll always be with you."

This is Mercedes-Benz MBUX's new intelligent man-computer interaction system, which opens the revolution in the interaction between man and the cockpit computer, creating emotional communication between vehicles and passengers with digital life experience. The MBUX mode is very easy. As a natural language recognition assistant, just call "Hello, Mercedes" and she will answer you as soon as possible. He can understand the instructions for natural dialogue, even with your daily conversations, and is familiar with dialects such as the Cantonese and Sichuan dialect. If you focus on driving and do not want to talk, it is comparable to the touch screen on the smartphone, the center console touchpad that supports smooth manuscript input, and the touch sensitive steering wheel that can only drive the car system with your finger. Silent communication between you and MBUX. Four types of complete methods of interaction between people and computers allow the new generation to play at any time at any time.

From 216,000 sales Mercedes-Benz A-Class is what should look like the new generation of luxury cars?

In addition to the conversation, the MBUX Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction System will read you quietly. Expanded AI Artificial Intelligence technology, she has excellent learning abilities, as an "all-time AI consultant". Through your daily understanding of your habits and hobbies, you can predict what you have to do and offer suggestions, I'm used to calling you home, and MBUX will offer you a phone call to call your family on the way home . Tips for navigating the gym.

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