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From the horror teacher, to "Sea King" Pa! The Chinese director's Hollywood path is so legendary

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"You are so happy, I saw this movie in front of me!"

At the end of last month, Hollywood star Jason Moma said at a film conference in Beijing.In fact, it is rare for Hollywood rebels to be the world premiere in China. In most cases, the movie is the prime minister in North America, and Chinese fans are "scars" or watching him. But this time the situation was completely reversed.

On December 7 in China was released "Haiwang", directed by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by Chinese director Wen Zirin.from

It was two weeks earlier than North America.

Surprisingly, "Sea King" was released in China in less than three days, and the reputation of the box office was good. According to real-time cat eye data,from

AnswerAt 7:00 pm On December 9, the Haiwang box office reached 610 million yuan.

On the "Sea King" fortress he scored 8.2.

"Sea King" is a superhero owned by Detective Comix. Since DC and Marvel are perceived to be opposite, Neptune's success has made fans and domestic shout, and DC has finally stood up on the big screen! Perhaps this is the threat of "Sea King". On the 7th December premiere of Sea King, Marvel released the Avengers 4 trailer in advance.

Success is not only the Sea King, and its director Wen Zirian also followed the fire in China.To promote the Sea King, Wen Zirin came to China for the first time, engaging in activities in different cities, watching fans and receiving media interviews. His identity and experience in Hollywood have become a hot topic outside the movie.

Wen Zirin: I'm Chinese.

Wen Zirin is not tall, his body is small, his face is still childish and is usually accidental. If you meet him on the streets of a big city in China, you can not see that he's a Hollywood director.

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Wen Zhirin, 41, is a Malaysian Chinese, and at the age of seven, he and his family immigrate to Australia and spend most of their childhood there by receiving literature from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Majority in the division of Chinese nationality.This propaganda of "Sea King" was the first time he came to China.

When she came to China this time, Wen Zirin continued to explain her "intricate life experience." He even called this trip to China "to come home". Undoubtedly, reports and stories about him have led to the film many topics.

According to the Global Time report, Wen Zirin feels a lot at the press conference:

I am Chinese, but I was born abroad. I am very excited to go home this time and I am very happy to bring my top job to China and share it with my family!

According to Time Network Mtime, during the promotional period in China, the reporter asked Wen Zirin if Mandarin would speak. He smiled regretfully and said he would not talk about Mandarin or Cantonese. "from

My mother talks about Minan's dialect, Dad talks about the dialogue of Haka. The difference is very large, so it is more partial.. "

Although he did not live in China, Wen Zirin is very fascinated by Chinese films. According to the Red Star report, he said: "I am a Chinese, so I heard a lot of Chinese stories in the process of growing up, I liked it very much since I was young," he said. Journey to the West The story of Sun Wuhuong is very good and the philosophy behind the character is very exciting, I will certainly look at the addition of some Chinese elements in future films.

Master of Horrors

In the film industry some directors have a reputation, and many will go to the director to watch a film like Christopher Nolan, such as Spielberg. But there are also some directors, maybe you've seen a lot of his works, but little is known about the director himself. Wen Zirin is in this category.

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Do not lookWen Zirin is not old, butIn Hollywood, in the film industry, he already has the title of "master." The series "Chainsaws", "Soul of the Spirit", "Death", "Hidden", "Living 2" are his works. The success of these works has become the capital of his Hollywood life.from

Because of this, he is known as the "horror teacher".

Wen Zirin likes horror movies and is related to personal experiences. When Wen Zirin is 14, his father dies, which affects him a lot. Then there was a preference for horror films, especially "plasma" terrible movies. In addition, he often has nightmares that later become material in his film.

At the Melbourne Technology Institute, Wen Zirin met with later good friends and good partners, Ray Warner.Super love for horror films makes them hit her.

After graduating from college, the brothers were not very well mixed because they could not find a job and were almost on the street.Ray Warner, who suffers from life and mental stress, even suspects he has developed a "brain tumor." In such a difficult life, they made a "bad story" in the basement of the rented house, which is "The Chainsaw Cry".

In 2003, after reluctantly preparing for the funds, the two men shot a small film with a rough picture – just 9 minutes from The Chainsaw Cry (Prequel), and handed it to Lionsgate. After watching Lionsgate, he immediately decided to make the movie bigger. The first Chain Saws took only 5 days to shoot, and the capture lasted 18 days. All actors did not have rehearsals. Wen Zirin has not received the prepaid payment but has chosen the dividend. from

Unexpectedly, Wen Zirin created a "miracle in the box office": the cost of the film is $ 1.2 million, and the world box office is $ 103 million!At present, the Saws of the Chainsaw series are issued in eight. In addition to the first, Wen Ziren is a producer or screenwriter. At the same time, Wen Zirin also directs "horror", "dead silence," "latent," "latent 2," and other horror films, and the ministry is a small-sized cabinet.

The Indians of the Hollywood industry do not know why Wen Zirin can always make a high-cabinet cabinet with very little cost and a very short time, just like Shen Ma Ma.

"I'm not just a horror director"

Although he likes horror movies, Wen Zirin's ideal is no niche director. He also likes to shoot cartoons, love films, and likes to shoot large advertising ads.

Ten years after the launch of the first chains of chain chains, Wen Ziren finally opens the opportunity to orient the production of high-cost films.

Image source: Visual China from

In April 2013, Global selected Wen Zirin to film the film "Speed ​​and Passion 7". At that time some people asked, could a horror director be able to control this trading blockbuster?

After all, Wen Zirin returned to the 1.5 billion-dollar cabin with a cost of $ 250 million.Once again, while the film of his hand, the box office is guaranteed.

In 2015, Ven Ziren said in an interview with Timetime Mtime that Speedy 7 itself is a gold plaque.This work is not like a horror film you can control with one hand. Based on respect for the characteristics of the Speedy series, I also hope to make some changes.

Although I can not show my talent, Wen Zirin still proves that I am not the only person to shoot horror films.

Although "Sea King" is a superhero in DC comics, it has never been on the big screen. So this time Wen Zirin won the freedom to release his creations.

Asian directorial Hollywood living conditions

Haiwang's commercial success with Wen Ziren may represent the majority.Are you doing Chinese or Asian directors in Hollywood?

In January of this year, the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Southern California published a report that in the 11 years of 2007 to 2017 the Asian or Asian directors' status in Hollywood has not changed much.from

Among 1223 directors of 1,100 films in the 11-year period, Asian and Asian directors accounted for only 3.2%.

The report also showed that over the past 11 years, Asian directors had more than five works directed by Wen Zirian and Knight Shamalan, and Zu Howway and Lynn Ibin had directed four films. 65% of Asian directors are only targeted once throughout the period.

In 2017, only five of the 109 Hollywood film directors came from Asia, representing 4.6%.This ratio is even lower than in 2013.

Although Hollywood continues to defend various artistic works, progress is not significant in terms of the number of minority directors.

While they are facing many difficulties, Wen Zirin still seeks to swing into Hollywood and even come out of different ways. In an interview with the Universal Screen, Ven Zirin also said:

I have almost been an immigrant for the rest of my life, whether I was from Malaysia to Australia when I was a child, or I am currently working in the United States. As a child of immigrant background, of course I will experience it from an early age, I know that I am different from everyone. All years of growth must find ways to integrate into the majority. Within a day you will find that when your heart is really mature, you can have both worlds.

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