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Guangzhou World Cup Khao Yuan took two gold and one silver from scratch to prepare for the Olympics mistakes

Original title: Guangzhou World Cup São Yuan took two gold and one silver "From Scratch" to prepare for the Olympics

China News Service, Gwangju, South Korea, July 19 World Cup of Gwangju Cao Yuan takes two gold and one silver "From Scratch" to prepare for the Olympic Games

Author Zeng Wei Ma Yuanhao

Two golden and one silver, Chinese diving star Cao Yuan monopolized three medals "completed" the World Swimming Championships in Guangzhou.

After the game, some reporters said "regret" for their failure to win three golden places in an historic way: he was very calm: "It's not story making, it's a story when it's over.

This is the fourth time Cai Yuan will compete in the world championship, he is from three people and competes in Taiwan. Before the game, the media called it a "labor model" and commented that "the number of items is a story."

Cao Yuan, who has the heavy responsibility, is the first gold of this world championship. In the men's final of the 13th Men's Quarter, Cao Yuan and Seghen made mistakes in the second jump, ranking from first to seventh. At the World Cup in Budapest two years ago, Cai Yuan / Sejen had hit the wall on the 3m men's double board: he was overtaken by the Russian team for mistakes and missed the gold medal.

Two years later, they did not repeat the same mistakes. After a few jumps, Cao Yuan / Sejen resisted the pressure and later reached the top, collecting gold. Recalling the scene at that time, Cao Yuan said, "After the mistake, I was worried and went back to the gym to calm down."

From the age of 12 to the national team, after more than 10 years of tempering, the "little fat" of the year becomes more mature. For example, Zhou Jinghong, the leader of the Chinese diving team, commented after the match that "the ability to withstand pressure is still there."

Speaking of this gold medal, Cao Yuan is full of confidence: "This is the power that comes from strength and is a reward for hard work for himself and his teammates."

After reaching the door opening, Cao Yuan gradually got into a good position and after two days "read" the second gold.

In the men's double 10-meter final in the 15th, Cai Yuan and Chen Eisen jumped more than 90 points into four favorites and eventually won the championship with more than 40 points in second place.

That same day Cao Yuan changed his previous "serious face" and took the initiative to joke with the reporters. Speaking of the opponent, he said: "If there are two Dali, the shot may be bigger." Then he "lied" laughed.

This gold medal, after Cao Yuan succeeded Saudi and Luo Gannis, became the third male to win gold in both board projects and Taiwan in the single World Cup. Cao Yunben began to "start home" with a platform, and later changed to a springboard. At the Olympic Games in Rio, he also won the men's 10-meter pairs and the 3-meter male gold medal, becoming the first man in the Chinese men's "pairs."

Returning to the project for the platform, he categorically said "very familiar". Speaking of the title "all-round," Cao Yuan does not have many words. He just said that "there is no more thought, and both projects will be encouraged simultaneously."

Cai Yuan's two golds, still demanding their own requirements, said the action was still not perfect. – The diving team will overtake itself and improve every jump.

In the impact on the third blonde, Cao Yuan encounters a serious challenge.

In the three-meter men's finals of 18 men like Lynn, especially British player Ralph, played well and led the way to the last jump, which made a big mistake before falling to the top. Cai Yuan and his teammate Si Sijn took advantage of the opportunity to play steadily and won silver and gold medals.

After the match, Cao Yuan called this silver medal "the hardest piece": "Every finale is the level that can win the championship."

For Cao Yuan this is his first World Cup medal. Although Cao Yuan is the Olympic champion of the men's three-meter board, he missed a man's podium for mistakes at the first two World Championships.

Looking back at the World Championship trip, he said he "focuses on self-test." He is optimistic about the many teens who participated in the race, saying he wants to learn from young players.

"When you are on a tram during the game, the most important thing is that you can not train enough and hate practicing a few more times." Referring to preparations for the Olympics next year, Cao Yuan, who has always been a low one, said, "It's a practice." (End)Go back to Sohu and see more

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