Saturday , January 16 2021

Hammer Technology's November salary has not been released Internal Outgoing Mail – Smartisan Hammer Technology

Recently, there have been frequent reports in the media that hit technology has been affected by a shortage of funds and a shortage of mobile phones. There is also today a suspected internal mail with hammer technology that shows that due to the inability to recoup the claims over time, employees are 11
The monthly salary will not be paid on schedule.According to the internal email of the suspected hammer technology posted on the net, the employee's salary in November will not be paid on schedule because of the inability to recoup the claims over time.

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But the promise will be to pay the salary in November after we receive the payment, including the five insurances and the personal income tax will be paid on schedule.

Yesterday, the media reported that all products sold on the Hammer Technology official website currently show an "arrival message". Extracurricular products include striking products for mobile phones, accessories, self-developed hardware devices and various peripherals.

Earlier, Hammer Technology insiders said the company had a crisis, but please give the hammer a little time.

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