Tuesday , January 26 2021

How good is the iPhone XR with a single camera? DXOMark gave 101 points

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have tried to install more cameras on the back of smart phones. In such circumstances, when Apple introduced the iPhone XR, some people have doubts about the performance of this product. After all, the high-end iPhone XS series, the iPhone XR is equipped with a camera only …

In this regard, the professional camera evaluation agency DXOMark has another statement. They call the iPhone XR the best-performing single-camera phone in their database and give the iPhone XR 101 points, ranking 7th in the DXOMark ranking.

This result surpasses the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, Xiaomi 8, Google Pixel 2 and Apple's previous generation of the leading iPhone X, which is only 4 points behind DXOMark's second XS XS XS.

Among them, the iPhone XR scored 103 shooting points and 96 video points. The main features of this camera model are as follows:

  • 12 megapixels, aperture f / 1.8 camera (1.4 μm light sensitive area), 4 LED 2-color flash
  • 26 mm equivalent focal length, supports OIS optical image stabilization, phase focus, Apple Smart HDR
  • Supports video recording at 4K 60 frames per second, 1080p 240 frames per second video with slow motion

In fact, the introduction of the iPhone XR is not surprising. Its single camera is the same size as the main camera of the iPhone XS series and integrates the same software and algorithms for image processing from the iPhone XS series. In this respect, DXOMark commented in the evaluation report:

In most cases, the iPhone XR has excellent exposure, wide dynamic range, excellent noise / detail and the autofocus system works well in different environments.

In particular, iPhone XR sampling images under normal conditions (indoor and outdoor) have better exposure, and the included Smart HDR provides a wide dynamic range, noise and detail in high contrast scenes. iPhone XS Max is pretty.

DXOMark believes the iPhone XR's performance in day-to-day photography is attractive and colorful, but the white balance is cold and the interior is warm but skillfully avoids any offensive shades. At the same time, autofocus is fast and always shoots sharp images.

In terms of normal photography, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max perform quite similarly in most cases, whether it is a well-lit indoor / outdoor or lighted face in a high contrast environment.

However, it still has some gaps compared to the iPhone XS Max, which differs by 4 points. For example, in a dimly lit environment, the iPhone XR will lose some fine details, and the zoom and portraits are not as good as the iPhone XSx Max camera. ,

As far as zooming, the same magnification with 4x magnification, you will see the details of the iPhone XR, but this is acceptable, but you want to see the contents of bricks and text in detail, compare Hard work.

In terms of portrait mode, iPhone XR with a single camera must rely entirely on portrait algorithms. DXOMark believes that the 26mm wide-angle lens of the iPhone XR is not suitable for portraits, although it can be used to create images close to the subject, but this can lead to symbols. Facial features are distorted.

Secondly, the iPhone XR's portrait mode is comparatively smaller than the field depth, which is more obvious than the two-camera phone. The layout of the captured character is often imaginary, and the overall look is like Photoshop processing, and the Flame Enhancement Effect is also unnatural.

But DXOMark also boasts the portrait rendering of the iPhone XR in the dark, which retains more details about the iPhone's XS series.

Entering the video testing session, the overall performance of the iPhone XR video recording is similar to the iPhone XS Max, with better tolerance, color reproduction, and white balance performance in an external environment.

In addition, the iPhone XR also performs well in terms of video stabilization, autofocus and motion during the shooting process, and still achieves a clear focus quickly when changing the light.

Overall, DXOMark believes the iPhone XR's performance in day-to-day photography is similar to that of the iPhone XS series but is not as good as portrait and zoom mode.

Compared to PEOel 2, the loudest camera with a camera they have tested before, the iPhone XR has comparable results in key areas such as exposure, color, autofocus and detail, but the control of noise, especially evidence. The enhancement in Chinese artifacts made it far beyond Pixel 2 to become the number one single-shot smartphone in the DXOMark database.

Interestingly, newer models such as Huawei Mate20 Pro and Pixel 3 XL are currently not rated by DXOMark. I wonder if there will be a big change in the rating of the iPhone XR.

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