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How much material should the Earth go? It is not enough to use half of the sea bark – Jupiter, Earth, erythema, is on the ground –

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(Original title: How much material should the Earth consume? "It is not enough to use half of the sea and earth crust.

Science-fiction films come from imagination, plus some scientific common sense and reasoning. Good science fiction usually has to find a good balance between science and fantasy. If this is serious from the basic laws of science, it is a fantastic novel. If this is just a cold scientific fact, without the imagination and artwork, it will become boring.

My personal sensation is that the average reader can accept 1-2 big assumptions and fantasies that break through the science of common sense. If there are too many scenes that violate the fundamental principles of science, especially in the absence of the necessary basic common sense violations, it is a bad film. The Wandering Earth scene is magnificent, but it is hard to compute the level of scientific consultants. In order to assemble the plot and highlight the visual effects of the thrust engine, there are too many places to break common sense and scientific common sense. I am afraid that primary and secondary school students will be mistaken for physical knowledge. People do not spit.

The first is the assumption that Earth must be separated from the Solar System. I remember the original book predicting that the sun would shine and the earth would be swallowed. The lightning, of course, is the author of the author. But this assumption is acceptable to readers. This is more reliable than the inexplicable phrase "The Sun Expands" in the movie. Just as many sci-fi novels assume there is a time machine, a brain reader, through the black hole through the future. You can accept such an assumption. But I can not accept it for negligence, or without a brain, or a violation of basic physical reason.

Like the martial arts in martial arts novels, everyone knows it's fake, but it does not slow anyone to appreciate the story. However, if Jin Yong wrote the dragon's 18 hands and hit his opponent on the moon, it is believed that such novels should not be seen. The same applies to science fiction, with the limits of artistic exaggeration being acceptable to readers, especially the so-called "hard" science fiction.

Let me talk about some small points.

1) There are countless snow scenes in the movie. The Earth is now minus 80 degrees. Ejected to the position near Jupiter, all the rivers, lakes and seas of the Earth are frozen for a long time. How can there be heavy snow in the atmosphere? The speed at which the ice sublimates at minus 80 degrees is so slow that it is impossible to form heavy snow.

How much material should the Earth consume, is it not enough to use half of the sea?

2) Talk about artificial dungeons and ion engines. The earth is so big, the good underground city where it collapses, what is the runaway engine at the bottom? Breach of common sense.

3) At the end of the film, a bottle of vodka is placed on the surveillance camera and the space station can be burned. Not to mention the space station, the director can look at his TV tomorrow, then put on it a bottle of white wine and see if it will light up. Of course, the surveillance camera is also very magical, if you look at it, it will take a couple of minutes to get married? Are you a camera or a welding burner?

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