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I just received the award "Green Book" team was broken by netizens, nothing left | Green Paper Black | Muslim _ Sina News

Original title: I just received the prize, the Green Book team was left blank by the non-tribes.

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The Green Paper, the biggest winner of the Academy's 91st Academy Award, won the Three Little Golden Man yesterday (25th) and defeated the "Best Film Award" by two strong "Rome" and "Black" opponents. Leopard, the unexpected explosion, won the hot topic of the two days.

However, the coronation crew's team claimed to be at the end of the day, arguing that it avoided the influence of "Islamism against black" and other scandals, the influence of the Oscar, followed by a series of excuses, was described by untested as "excuse and arrogance".

The film itself tells the story of friendship that encompasses race and class in the most racist era in the United States.

But the members of the film's main team were broken, the producers sent rumors and anti-Muslims, and the black role is the Muslim, the black family members are unhappy with the plot, the main words are used to insult the blacks, and so on. These scandals completely contradict the main purpose of the job. This is a great surprise.

The Green Paper, which will be released in Mainland China on March 1, has become the biggest unpopular of the 91st Oscar, after winning the best original script, won the most awards in the audience. Film Award.

According to the reports, the film is adapted from the real thing, told the Italian-American bodyguard Tony, was hired as the world's best jazz pianist, the black driver Tan. The pianist will start a tour of New York and a journey of friendship between the two on the way.

Actor who plays Tang, Mahara Ali also won Oscar for best supporting actor yesterday. In 2016, he won this award with Moonlight Boy and became the second black actor with two small gold men after Denzel Washington.

Although the last laugh at the "Little Gold Man" war, the Green Team's chief team may not be too happy.

Probably, as people often say, "People are afraid of famous pigs, they are afraid to be strong." After the film won the public focus, the various scandals that were exposed at the US premiere at the end of last year were also broken by non-tribes. Pile of black story:

The producer has reported rumors against Muslims and blacks with Muslim involvement, the black family of the prototype is unhappy with the plot, the main character is not good enough to offend the blacks …

Positive energy film calling for the elimination of racial discrimination behind him is a team of "insulting blacks and anti-mu", the irony is complete.

"Anti-mu" notes of the Writers' team are actually Trump's biography.

The top protagonist in the scandal is Nick Valenglaga, the screenwriter and producer of the Green Book, the son of the Tony prototype in the film, and he is accused of a tweeting published in 2015. Discriminate Muslims.

In November 2015, Trump, then a US Republican presidential candidate, said he had seen Arab Americans celebrate the September 11 incident after being confirmed by the police as a hearing the following day, he still insists he said this, which is true.

Just as people in all spheres of life in the United States fought fiercely against Trump's remarks, and even angry that he "activated the 11.11 conspiracy theories," "Valeroga" "pursued" Trump on Twitter.

"Troppe's point is 100% correct, and the Jersey City Muslims take their hands when the World Trade Center twin towers collapse, I remember seeing it in CBS local news." It was removed by Valeron.

Nick Valengla won yesterday Yesterday, Nick Valenglaga won the Oscar for best original script

Many foreign non-scientists appreciate this as "de-intelligence," and Media, one of the Green Paper film companies, also issued a statement saying that Valeronga's words are offensive and contrary to the company's values. He resolutely opposes it. Universal Pictures will not comment on the comparison.

"The City of the Philharmonic Orchestra", Jordan Horowitz, does not feel comfortable with the words and deeds of Valeringe.

He believes Valleroga is the winner of the Golden Globe Award in the Green Book. This appeal for the elimination of racial discrimination has made him an admirer of the industry, but he himself is an "anti-people". Even more uncomfortable is that Ali, who also won the Green Book, is a Muslim.

Valenglou then apologized and apologized to all the employees involved in the film production and all members of the Muslim faith, including Ali.

"I spent the rest of my life trying to bring this story to the common ground for overcoming differences and getting the audience's attention. I'm sorry about the late father who has changed from friendship with Donald Shirley (the prototype of Tan). Much, I promise I will not forget this lesson, I will do better. "

The truth of the story is questionable and the face of the family of the prototype

However, the disputes relating to him have not stopped. Donald Shirley's family members later told the media that the whole story of the Green Paper was almost invented, not what Valerii called "real people. . "

The real Don is not that Tony is a close friend like the movie – Tony is just one of the drivers he hired. He was not alienated from his family, never feeling embarrassed about his black identity, and never feeling alienated from his own race.

At the end of the movie, Tang dropped out of a high-class restaurant, but went to a black club and group to show that he had actually accepted his black identity. This scene is known as the strongest moment of the whole movie, but these stories are completely denied by their families.

More importantly, Donald Shirley's family said he had explicitly rejected the filming of the film until he had seen the photos posted on the social networking site that the movie had already begun. Valerogana has repeatedly told the media that he received permission from Donald Shirley, but when he received the speech of the Siaoqin people yesterday, he did not say anything and did not thank Donald Shirley. nervous. "

The entire film was not consulted by his family from beginning to end, and Donald Shirley's brother said the film was a "symphony of lies." Perhaps the only real content of the film is "Tony is the Don's Driver."

Valenglage did not explain anything to Donald Shirley's family, and black actor Ali, who played Tang, called to apologize to his family and did not realize he wanted to know the specific situation of the prototype family. Adding color and a sense of abandonment of debt.

Incorrect behavior in speech, involving racial discrimination

Vigo Mortensen, who plays Tony, fails to escape, the word "nigger" is mentioned in the movie show, and suspicious racial discrimination is furiously criticized. ,

When he talked about the changes in American racial conflicts over the past few decades, he mentioned that many white people used the words "N" randomly to explain the specific situation, he said the full word "nigger" that excites. A woman immediately called out to her: "Do not say that!"

Although Mortensen's original intention is to condemn racial discrimination, it is just an example, but in the eyes of the outside world, while a white man says the word is an insult. To that end, he also apologized to the public and said that he would never say that word again publicly or privately.

Another, with the participation of Ali, also issued a statement in which he wishes to accept Mortensen's excuse, and pointed out that the word "nigger" can only be said between blacks, whites can never be used.

"Motson's approach is certainly not appropriate, no matter how good his point of reference is, this symbolizes the story of discrimination, slavery, pain, oppression, and violence, which can only harm blacks, so they have to be completely abandoned. "

In the face of a series of criticisms, Mortensen issued a statement for the second time, and again apologized, also emphasizing his attitude and position on ethnic issues.

"Racism or the hate speech does not really disappear because the word no longer appears publicly."

The director was passionate about the body 20 years ago.

In addition, Green Paper Director Peter Farrells was also dug out by the media about the blast of the film, and twenty-one years ago he was exposed to the nakedness of the film and deceived the crew.

Cameron Diaz, who has ever collaborated with him, "I'm Mary Ludwig," told the media: "If Peter meets you for the first time, it shows that he appreciates your talents."

At the end of 20 years, Peter made a statement acknowledging that the report was a fact, and apologized for the past frivolous behavior by saying that he only thought it was interesting.

A large part of the work awards, the main creative staff of the film has been involved in various scandals allegedly "Chong Ao" before they have to apologize.

This has also attracted countless netizens in dissipation: How do you think the "story" of the founding team is more exciting than the movie …

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