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2019-02-13 02:40:59 Source: Pacific Internet

Time went unnoticed in 2019, and when I went to visit my friends I was surprised that someone was still using Windows XP! In particular, some friends who do not pay much attention to consumer electronics have used the XP system for many years and seem to be willing to live with it for life.

What is the experience of using the XP system in 9102? After the real experience, it was found to be cool

In 2019, Windows XP is uncomfortable

Returning home for the New Year, in some areas where information is not so well developed, if there are no incidents, everyone has encountered some computers with an XP system. And in 2019, continuing to use XP is really not a smart move. As an operating system I met in the early 21st century, XP has already reached the end of my life. What would be the experience of using XP in 2019? Let's talk about this topic today.

Microsoft has dropped out of Windows XP support

The first thing to mention is that Microsoft has long since refused to support Windows XP, which is no longer the news. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft announced the suspension of XP support and XP will no longer be able to get Windows Update updates. This means that the new problems that exist or later discovered by Windows XP will be difficult to remove if they are found to have security vulnerabilities, XP is obviously difficult to protect users.

Microsoft has stopped technical support for XP. If you insist on using XP now, it will be hard to figure out whether this is a system issue or an attack. The patch for security software comes from Microsoft, and now it has become a passive source of water, no matter what antivirus program it can not match the official patch, the WannaCry virus is still the focus of attention. Data on your computer can be completely destroyed at any time.

Another problem that still exists when using XP in 2019 is that there are fewer and fewer software and games that can be played. In recent years, with Microsoft announcing the abandonment of XP, there are software games that have chosen to leave the system that ended the life cycle. Let's look at some examples.

Browser: Chrome, FireFox, and others Discard XP

As early as 2015, the Chrome browser announced it would drop XP support, and by 2016 Chrome 50 will no longer support XP, and the latest version of Chrome is 71. If you insist on using XP, it means You can only use the old version all the time. The version after Firefox 62 no longer supports XP but only the old version.

We know most browsers are based on the IE kernel and the Chromium kernel. If you are still using XP, the browser can not be updated and the missing features and security risks can not be ignored.

Driver: Intel, AMD, NV and others Discard XP

In fact, the pursuit of tracking the new system is faster than most people think. Over the past two years, many of my friends have come across a new computer, installing Windows 7 and then not finding the driver because the new hardware driver only supports a new system such as Win10. Even Windows 7 is no longer supported, and XP is even more important.

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