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International Film Festival on Hainan Island Original Beach Theater

On December 8th, Dedonghai Square's beach theater was under construction. It is reported that the International Film Festival of the International Film Festival

On December 8th, Dedonghai Square's beach theater was under construction. It is reported that the International Film Festival at Hainan Island International Film Festival will be held on the 9th day at Dadonghai Beach, at the time, the Arctic will be shown as a movie opening at the beach theater. Meet the audience here. Our reporter Wu Wei picture

Hainan Island International Film Festival original sea-viewing beach theater watching the movie you want to see

In the night sky the stars blink, the sky and the sea mingle, and in the middle there is dark blue. Men, women and children sit on the beach, waiting for the movie to start in the night wind, waiting for the big screen outdoors. The Light of the Battle … On December 9th, some of the long-awaited Hainan International Film Festival will be fired at Sanya's Dudongay Square, which will run from 9th to 16th. Dadonghai Square Beach Cinema was originally created for the Hainan International Film Festival and is called "the most romantic poster of the international film festival on Hainan Island" by the Netanyans.

Dadonghai Square Beach Theater will feature 9 exclusive artistic films for free. The nine films are Arctic, The Pearl String, The Goddess, Royal Blood, Dream Girls Dreams, The Arctic for the Short Collection of Children, The Secret of the Squid Language, The Blue Door. , covering the classic silent film that has been repaired, the excellent film for children with a unique view, the Hainan New Power Unit film with Hainan's regional features and a small fresh-hearted film that meets the needs of viewers of different ages.

Among them is the Icelandic film "Arctic", which was nominated for the director's debut at the 71st International Cannes Film Festival. He will be the first to be found as the first film of the first Hainan Film Festival. This is the last masterpiece of "Uncle" Max Mikkelsen. The film is also the premiere in mainland China. Uncle Max Macselsen will be the main character to attend the meeting.

The three black and white classics, "The Bearded String", "The Goddess" and "Xiong Luxue" from "The Voice of Silence – The Sound of the Silent Scene" were also reviewed at a beach theater after a technical recovery. It is worthwhile to expect that there will be a soundtrack artist on the stage to perform the soundtrack that will reproduce audiences' audiences from the silent movies era nearly a hundred years ago.

The Hainan Daily reporter has learned from the Film Festival Organizing Committee that as the first film festival on the island in China, the Hainan International Film Festival will gradually realize the excellent film screenings of different seasons, themes, countries and regions throughout the year and will popularize the film investment and financing. The expansion and development of film derivative products and related industrial chains will achieve the goal of "year round screening, holistic viewing of the island, national viewing and the whole industry chain" to create an international, academic and mass orientation "never the International Film Festival has finished. "

The time of 9 movies is displayed

Arctic 19 December, 19:00

"String of pearls" December 10th, 7:00 pm

"Xiong Lu Xue" December 11 at 19:00

"Goddess" December 12, 19:00

"After Li's Person's Dream," December 13th, 7pm

"The Arctic Children's Collection for Short Film" "The Secret of the Gourd Language" at 14:00 on December 14

"The Blue Gate" December 15, 19:00

"Only the sea knows" December 16, 19:00

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