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Zhuangmei, New Guangxi, Dream of a New Age – Links to the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Establishment of the Autonomous Region of Guangxi Zhuang

December 11, 2018 11:01:33
Source: Xinhuanet
Xinhua Agency reporter Yu Quongyuan Tan Xiaoxiao

Xinhua Agency, Nanning, Dec. 10: Powerful New Guangxi Dreaming of a New Era – Links to the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Establishment of the Guangxi Zhuan Autonomous Region

In southern China, the city is full of flowers, and Bagui's side is full of joy.

On December 10, the city of Zhengzhou Zhuang celebrates the feast of the feast held in Nanning, marking the 60th anniversary of the Guangxi Zhuan Autonomous Region.

Flowers are grouped and happy. Costumes from all ethnic groups came from all directions. In the afternoon, the Guangxi Sports Center was filled with a festive atmosphere, and the long shelters were surrounded by a sea of ​​joy.

The Central Delegation led by Wang Yang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CCP and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting with the deep feelings of the Party Central Committee and the people of the whole country and witnessed at this exciting moment with the children of Zhuang.

At 3 pm the holiday began. While the host said: "Please stand all the way, raise the national flag and sing the national anthem." The grand music sounded, and the audience sang the national anthem, and the bright five-star red flag flickered into the wind.

Looking at the huge words "1958" and "2018" on the stage, Huang Wenchuan, Tongguen's Deputy Chief of Mines at Guangxi Huaxi Group Co., Ltd., was very excited: "I've been working in an underground environment since 18. Almost all traffic is tempered and the equipment is being updated, now the dangerous place in the underground floor is equipped with a remote-controlled forklift. "

Huang Wenjung witnesses the big changes in Guangxi: every home has built a home in his home, the tap is directly connected with the villagers' kitchen, and many villagers have driven a small car. Almost every family had computers and wireless networks.

Huang Wenchuan has reason to be excited and proud: 60 years ago, when Guangxi had several industries, the Development Foundation was extremely weak. After 60 years, Guangxi's GDP is hundreds more than the year, and the number of the poor has fallen sharply. The production of sugar cane and silkworm cocktails has been ranked first in the country for many years. Guangxi has become an important base for production of automobiles and aluminum base in China …

Sixty years of hard work, one armor smashed the sea.

The Central Committee of the CPC, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the State Council, the National Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference and the Central Military Commission sent congratulatory messages.

Wang Yang made a speech, pointing out: "Since the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Spi Jinping as a core, the Autonomous Region has made great strides and made new historical achievements."

The people on the floor cheered and waved the red flag in their hands.

In the speech of the representatives of the masses, Pan Kingbio, secretary of the Party of Equality Village party in Chengsiang City, Wuying, Nanning City, spoke as a representative of the people of Zhuan.

Equality village Zhuang compatriots represent 90%, in the past is a well-known poor mountain village. Pan Kingbio said that with the support of the party politics of strong peasants and wealthy peasants, the whole village is engaged in production, construction and expansion of the market.

"The village has built public facilities such as a health room, a reading room and a stage, and the masses danced square dances, sang a mountain song festival, made festivals, and had activities every month, every day and entertainment. Pan Kingbio said in his own voice in Zhuan.

Guilin Urban Transport Group Co., Ltd. Pingshanchang Station Party Branch Secretary Shia Sichu is very proud of the representatives of Han People. "In the past our company had an old bus and a line, and was able to drive all the old Guilin 750 buses, 372 coaches, 59 lines, I feel that some of them still are unable to catch up with the development of New Guilin. . "

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the large-scale song and dance performance of "Huahai Yingbinpeng" summoned the prelude to celebrate the mass spectators at the conference.

Look! The high-hanging hydrangea of ​​Giant seems to tell the story of the development of Guangxi with 60 gold rings. 2018 girls dancing with hydrangea and dance seem to stretch the common memory, the unforgettable journey and the brilliant years of 1958. 2018 – Do not forget to come in the road, wonderful to the hometown!

Listen! The drummers of excited people have lost the heroic sense of the new era of "lifting sleeves and cheering". The people of Zhuan will be broken and will be excited for more than a thousand years. Guangxi will start again and start a new trip!

Listen! Sing folk songs, sing here and there. Folk songs highlight the new era and the songs are dedicated to the Communist Party, Zhoung Jin, weaving the sun and moon, the bronze drums and the good words, the eight Guishan Chuanmei and Guangxi Ne.

Look! People from all walks of life who represent beautiful Guangxi are walking forward, including different ethnic groups and children living in this landscape, as well as work patterns and advanced figures from all walks of life … They celebrated and sang songs in Guangxi for 60 years. ……

The wonderful program depicts the harmonious homes of Guangxi, and the cities around the city have brought their magnificent new Guangxi: "Green Water, Green Mountain, Golden and Silver Mountains", "The Red Spirit is Always Eternal" and "The New Belt of One Belt and Once" .

Guigan City brought "Land Breeze Lotus Dance", "Three sisters songs and mountains" sang the gratitude of the people of Guilin, the marching square formed by Liuzhou's independent research and development of new energy electric cars slowly slowed "The Bureau of the President brought Liuzhou New Symphony ", the yellow mud drum brought by the guests to the city of Laibin, played the joy of the national family, the Yao Show in the city of Yeozhou, Yao Jin's width was wonderful and symbolized the Yao's children. a team of dancing these lions on the side of the western river, known across the ocean, with a hundred lions popping out of the clouds, the history of the heavy, green development of the city of Gangzhou, actively integrates into the Pearl River Delta …

Guangxi is a famous old revolutionary area that is a hot land where life inherited red genes.

The town of Baise, coming from the song, brings "National Songs and Bize Red", sings the red feelings of the people of Bize, who do not forget the original heart and remember the mission, "Tianjin sings, the cappuccino is red as a fire" in Chongjou , "The Bronze Drums' Day of Happiness Day" for Hechi's heart is heartbreaking.

Strong in Guangxi, the mountains and the sea meet, Belt and Road connecting the world.

The city of Chingzhou brings the atmosphere of the sea to bring the "long wind and the waves of the northern bay", harmonious and romantic, the city of Bayahi bears the "sea silk", the North Sea shows its talent, Belt and Road is competitive, the city of Yulin carries "Kingfang received, the harvest scene is extremely joyous, Fangchenggang City brought" single string and sea rhyme ", Gin girls and solo string players, wearing elegant Vietnamese traditional costumes, songs and dances, Yu Ging," China Greenstone " "Share the future", 3300 акть or have formed the words "Nanning welcomes you" and "Share the future".

Pleasant songs can not be sung, and cheerful dances can not be completed. The hearts and minds of all children are heart-hearted, hold their hands and continue.

Build magnificent Guangxi and rejuvenate sleep. Children from all ethnic groups in Baguio are thriving and energetic.

Sixty years of spring and autumn, the new era is inspired. The blessing of the flowers of the national unity of the eight Guy's lands is always open and flourishing, and the new head of the rich and the people is more exciting.

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