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Kova crosses the difficulty and returns to glory No.1 can arrive _WTA event news_Sina Sports Storm_


In the just-completed Australian women's finals, the Czech Republic lost to 6-7 (2) / 7-5 / 4-6 the Japanese supernova and missed the third Grand Slam championship trophy. Once again I was able to be number 1 in the world. But looking back at the three-year history of the Czechs, they will be excited that the player with a strong championship can return to the Grand Slam final, which is big enough.

At the end of 2016, Kvitova suffered a disaster at home, and a gangster claiming to sneak into the apartment he lived in is destined to be murderous. In the battle, Kvitova escaped the weapon by hand and escaped, but that also made his hands hit hard. After nearly four hours of surgery, the doctor corrects his five tendons and two major nerves, but until he can return to the professional stage, the doctor gives a completely negative response.

The strong Czechs did not want to put an end to their career, she was actively rehabilitating and finally took the hand with the coaching and support of coach Vanek. Kvitova, who returned from the French Open in 2017, passed the first round and won a trophy at the Birmingham second stop. The fans applauded her results but did not know how much she had worked to get back. In the same year, the US Open, Kvitova won the match with Jankovic, Kone, Garcia and the third Muguzra seed and reached the semi-finals at the China Open. The unbelievable performance made everyone feel delighted and happy, and the belief that he wanted to fight in the field supported him to survive in the darkest period.

However, Kvitova's return will sometimes reveal her instability. Last season she won five championships and became WTA's most successful player but failed to break into Grand Slam's 16th. Strong, set the worst record since 2008. However, this year, Kvitova cleared these concerns with a consistent and strong performance at the beginning of the season, and the finals of the two events proved that she would be a strong contender for this year's Grand Slam title and the first title in the world.

When he returned to the Grand Slam semi-finals, Kvitova was already crying in the arena and said she was thinking of her life after the second career attack. In the last three years only Citotova was the best. So when he returned to the Grand Slam finals after five years, he could still remain calm and meet the three consecutive points in the final against the big and fierce attack. It is difficult to say that she suffers to improve the will of the Czechs or that she is so strong to survive in these difficulties.

"Kvitova does not like the training." I do not know when it became a label for her. The Czech girl also responded to this incident as a joke at the press conference but no one can see her at the Australian Open this year. After the match, she also thought she was not working hard. In the brutal racing sport, Kvitova's last three years of experience and the performance of this game are completely worthy of the "even defeated" rating.

"The world owes the Kvitova first world. This kind of discussion is mentioned every time Kvitova and the title of the post-ball are missing. It is true that with the achievements and power of Kvitova she is fully qualified for the title of the world. But, after all, the dots are cold, and perhaps Kvitova's lack is just a hint of luck. However, it is a pleasure that the second place at the Australian Open should give her a positive incentive, at least to strengthen her determination to influence the Grand Slam. And when the next chance comes, luck can reward the Czech girl, who never gives up.


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