Thursday , June 17 2021

Lei Jun: Xiaomi has 5 brands of mobile phones.This year will push even more technological products – Xiaomi Xiaomi Technology

On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2019, Qualcomm China again launched a special feature of New Year's Eve, a one-on-one interview with leading mobile phone manufacturers in China, reviewing their achievements over the past year and planning the future. A few days ago Qualcomm China officially published the interview of Lei Yun, chairman of Xiaomi Group. In the interview, Lei Yun reviewed Xiaomi's achievements in the past year and the planning of the future.

Talking about Xiaomi's struggle over the last 8 years, Lei Jun said:from

After eight years of entrepreneurship, Xiaomi has undergone many changes: Xiaomi has created many miracles in the business world: from a small company with more than 10 people, it has become the fourth-largest mobile phone brand in the world and has created the world's largest platform for consumer classes. ,

At the same time, he stressed that no matter how big Xiaomi is, what remains unchanged is the original intent of our business and the principle of insisting on creating friends with consumers. Enjoy the wonderful life brought by the technology.

Liu Yun said the current global mobile phone market is experiencing a tide-off period that can go on to the real-world 5G commercialization and Xiaomi is ready to fight a long-term battle. In the growth area, we will continue to work hard in the area of ​​quality, innovation and supply and lay a solid foundation for the spring of the 5G.

In 2019 Xiaomi launched a strategy for several brands.from

In addition to Xiaomi and Redmi, two major brands go hand in hand, as well as POCO, Mito, Black Shark, three sub-brands focused on vertical areas will be fully developed on overseas markets, consumer and player markets and other market segments.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi will come out with more good products and will experience outstanding products this year.

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