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2018-11-08 03:08:00 Source: Lanzhou Daily

Lippi confirmed his departure after the Asian Cup □ Photograph

In the 2018 season, the Chinese Super League will be back concentrated next week, preparing for the warm-up match with the Palestinian team on November 20 and the Asian Cup in January next year. When head coach Lippi confirmed his departure after the Asian Cup, his design during the Chinese team training was closed before the start of training. Most of the 23 international players who participated in the Asian Cup will come from this training camp.

The national football team is delaying training and work. Means that the national football team plans to return to concentrate on the 12th after the end of the Super League, preparing for an international level A warm-up match and the Asian Cup. The Chinese Football Association had previously contacted the national soccer team for two warm-up opponents from the Turkmenistan team and the Palestinian team, and arranged heating places in Hangzhou and Haikou respectively. But recently, the League of Turkmenistan Football suddenly handed the team to participate in the competition on the grounds that the team had just changed the status of the coach. After Lippi repeatedly considered it, he also let go of the intention to replace a warm opponent. This means that the national soccer team will only have an international warm-up match with the Palestinian team this year.

Since the Super League award ceremony was held in Haikou this season, and a large number of international players are candidates for the award, to avoid them, the Football Association will organize national soccer training and a China-Pakistan warm-up match in Haikou. However, the training time for all teams was pushed until November 14. The reason is that Lippi knows that players need to relieve fatigue after a difficult season, and relax well. This arrangement is more useful for adjusting the psychology of the player and making it more fully devoted to the preparation of the Asian Cup.

Lippi no longer recruits new people

Not surprisingly, the Chinese Football Association will announce a new list of national football training after the second round of the Chinese Super League. Because the last two rounds of the league are only four days away, when the Asian Cup starts in less than two months, the current training range will not be much different from the Asian Cup. Lippi watched the Evergrande and Shanghai battles at the weekend in Guangzhou. The national team that goes to the Asian Cup will also be the team's second main team.

In the two previous training sessions, Jin Jingdao from Luneng and Katie Jiang from TEDA had joined the team as "newcomers". Since Lippi will leave the national soccer team after the Asian Cup, they have also become "closed students" during the "Silver Fox" training of national football. From taking over the national football team in October 2016, Lippi has repeatedly examined players in the league and the AFC Champions League. At present, the situation of all ages in this country, especially those under the age of 23, is also in their hands. Judging from the recent international tuition fees, those who are experienced as veterans of international competition are still the main strength that Lippi's team has relied on in the Asian Cup. Some young players, including Luneng Liu Yang's newcomers, who have the potential and are on the list of 50 players, are difficult to take. A shuttle bus to the Asian Cup. It can be said that the gate of the Lippi concept has been closed with a countdown to his departure.

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