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Lunengcheng has to turn the "mountain" – Shanghai Hotline Channel Shenhua

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For Shenhua Flores coach, this Monday's Lunon match is a "mountain" that he and his Shenhua team have to convey.

The damage to Shenhua has improved

At eleven, Flores urged members of the coaching staff and all team members in the large conference hall on the first floor of the Shenhua building at Kangqiao Base Two days later they had to compete with Luneng Taishan who did that. It's half an hour. After all, for the Shenhua team, who has not tried the game for five consecutive rounds, any negligence or even lack of preparation can lead to a new loss or even loss of play. In the face of Luneng's opponent with a higher overall strength, what Hua Shui can do is make preparation more detailed and meticulous.

The first difficulty that Flores had to overcome was the difficulty in forming soldiers brought in by the injuries. This morning training, Flores did not arrange to go to the outdoor ball training area after a tactical analysis meeting, the team came to the training gym, "played" all kinds of equipment from bikes to paddle machines I was there but in the last round of the league has no foreign aid, which means that the Nigerian foreign aid assassin will hardly return before playing Luneng Taishan. Even adapting the entire offensive system to the team will be the most unpleasant problem in the two days before Flores.

However, Flores received more than bad news this week after, over a period of adjustment, Jiang Shenglong, who was accidentally injured when he crashed Tianjin Tianhai home team, began to work, including running and jumping. Restoration, another Liu Rowan who was injured during the training of the Olympic team also entered the training phase.

This morning's training, the long-lost Central Defender, Bi Ginhao, also appears in the gym and practiced physical strength, although there is still a period of time since the official comeback, but two foreign aids in Ihalo and Romero For the Shenhua team who will participate in the Cup of Africa and the Cup of America on behalf of their national teams, and Zhu Chenjie is also being recruited by the Chinese Olympic team if these wounded can fill the "pit" left by the players of the national team in time, it is better. That is right.

Zhu Chengji admits he's physically tired

The difficulty of trying to get "material" out of Zhu Chenjie's mouth is no less than the goal of killing Shenhua defender after the match, although he has already entered the second year in the Super League. He is still under the age of 19.

However, the lack of words does not mean that teen Shenhua, who has just "jumped" in the Olympic team, has fewer thoughts. For the presentation of Shenhua in the previous nine rounds and the problems outlined, Zhu Chenjie analyzes. And thinking, "In the previous league every game lost the ball because the new coach brings new skills and tactics and formations, the staff is constantly working and we will be slow in the next game. taken seriously, I believe the results will eventually increase. "

Because on behalf of the Olympic team to participate in the race, Zhu Chengi missed the first two rounds of the Shenhua team during the season, in particular, he missed the previous winter training of the Shenhua team in Spain and many warm-up matches after returning to Shanghai . However, only three days of training with the team, Zhu Chenjie still leaves a very deep impression on Flores' chief coach, which is also an important reason for him to directly play the main strength after his return to Shenhua by the Olympic team. Although playing less than two games, but Zhu Chenjie can still qualify in the top three of the Shenhua team, it is not hard to see Flores' confidence and love for this teenager.

In the last Olympic Games series announced by the Chinese Football Association, Shenhua chose only Zhu Chenjie, he would also go to France to participate in the Toulon Cup in June, along with Olympic coach Hiddink, which means From the end of last year to now, Zhu Chenjie, who is struggling with "two lines" between the Olympic team and the Shenhua team, has almost no time to rest. Although young players have a strong physical recovery, the impact of continuous intense competition is also objective. Zhu Chenjie also said that no matter if he plays in Shenhua or the Olympic team, he will do his best to do the best: "Now the body is really tired, but I'm trying to adjust and strive to handles both sides in the best state of play. "

This Friday, Shenhua will face Luneng Taishan and in the previous 9 rounds of the league, the opponent has scored 15 goals and the fierce fire is obvious, which undoubtedly puts more pressure on Shenhua's defense. Zhu Chenjie also performed quite calmly: "We will conduct a purposeful training on the issues previously revealed, and the coach will also analyze the characteristics of the opponent by video and then make a targeted deployment." As for the outside world, Shenhua's team often changes the form. And after the blow, Zhu Chengzi said he would try to keep up with the coach's request: "As this is the coach's request, we need to adapt as much as possible."

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