Monday , January 25 2021

Meizu Qiqi follow-up staffing: Parkour God arrived at the post, flew, crossed the street, publishing small ads – Meizu Meizu

On December 4, we announced that Meizu HR retrieved the web page and has a "fantastic" search for a "Gods Creative Park" with a monthly salary of 35k-50k, while taking responsibility is the responsibility of Meizu's offline advertising business. What is confusing is the job requirements – the professional is not limited, requires three years of experience in parkour, sports specialties are preferred.With 3 years of experience in city management and public relations, those who have the ability to escape urban governance are preferred. In addition, the post also requires an understanding of the distribution of poles on the streets of GuangSan Street in the north.from

, you have a deep understanding of offline advertising.

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Meizu 16th

On December 7, Meizu's official representative finally gave a follow-up signal that posted a video to the official Weibo. The video content showed that a handsome man in sportswear began to park in the city streets.It holds a small advertisement of Meizu Double Twelve Activity, which swings in the high and low steps, the slopes and the rails.from


As the dynamic beats in the video move forward, the high walls, phone pillars and walls of the old city will be filled with Meizu mobile phone stickers.It is unlikely that small advertising materials will appear in the near future. It turns out that this is another creative activity that Meizu has created for the dual pre-heating promotion.from


It is worth mentioning thisThe content of "Walking in the street and publishing small ads" is really creative. At the end of the video, Parkour's younger brother will cut off small ads.from


Meizu announced the launch of Meizu Double 12 activities yesterday: on December 7 (today), the Meizu 15 series with the most powerful camera phone IMX380 at the same price is the highest price – 800 yuan, 15 price starts from 1498 yuan, 15 plus. Starting in 1798 yuan;

Specifically, Meizu 15 4 + 64GB version straight down 500 yuan, at a price 1498 yuan, Meizu 15 4 + 128GB version straight down 600 yuan, at a price of 1698 yuan.

Meizu 15 Plus 6 + 64GB version straight down 700 yuan, at a price of 1798 yuan, Meizu 15 Plus 6 + 128GB version right down 800 yuan, the price of 1998 yuan.

In addition to the Meizu M15 series, the most powerful mobile phone Snapdragon 710 Meizu X8 (4 + 64G) is more favorable, only 1498 yuan.

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