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Microsoft's search for Bing is interrupted and resurrected behind mystery caused by speculation – BBC News

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Microsoft Corporation of America confirmed that Bing has become unusable in China, but the service has already resumed.

But Microsoft gave no explanation as to why Bing would be unusable in China.

Internet users in China can not get access to Microsoft Bing search engine for unknown reasons Many people doubt and ponder whether Microsoft Bing has been blocked by the Chinese authorities.

Network platforms and foreign media sites launched by many US technology companies, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, are blocked in China and can not be used by Chinese consumers.

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"Chips for Negotiations"

The British Financial Times cites China Unicom, one of China's largest state-owned telecoms companies, has received a government order to block Bing for "illegal content".

The report cites Clark, president of Beijing Bocak Consulting, saying China relies on state-owned telecoms companies to defend their defense when the US and China warm up, showing many restrictions on the opening of the Chinese market.

The US Wall Street Journal reported that the trade dispute between the US and China has caused shortcomings in the status quo, coupled with the pressure caused by Huawei Meng Zhouzhou's arrest, Microsoft may be used as a circulation coin.

The report says that Nakkin, general manager of Beijing Maiborui Consulting Co., Ltd. says that Bing service anomalies may be due to technical failures or review problems, but once Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE are blocked from the US market, this may also mean that Microsoft is being used as a trading coin by the Chinese government .

Natkin said: "China may want to provide information to help foreign countries know that China is a valuable market, but you may not be able to get in."

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Examination,blockadeAbove the wall

Microsoft Bing search engine is the only great foreign search engine that can be used in China.

The Bing search server is located in China, and search results will be subject to content review, so Microsoft Bing can continue to exist in China.

The Google search giant has stopped planning the development of the Chinese version of the search engine and the reason for the suspension is that the content review violates privacy.

However, the behavior of Chinese netizens using the VPN method to "cross" the ocean web sites has recently been punished by the authorities, indicating that the Chinese authorities are strengthening the management and control of the network.

According to the StatCounter Network Traffic Company, as of December 2018, online demand for China's Bing represents only 2%, far behind Baidu, which represents more than 70% of the market.

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