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Ministry of Public Security: Strictly cracked by the media "network water army" illegal crimes Closed large V account more than 1100 – Finance News News News

The Reporter learned today from the Department of Public Security that for the effective protection of cyber-security and the legitimate rights and interests of the people this year, the Public Security Department organizes local public security bodies to attack them in order to effectively protect cybersecurity and legal rights and interests of the people. In an in-depth investigation and investigation, 28 criminal cases have been successfully launched by the media group "Water Army on the Net", 67 suspects have been arrested, 31 websites closed and more than 1100 large V network accounts have been closed, including companies that have been blackmailed. More than 80 institutions.

In recent years, some of the illegal criminal activities of the military armies network presented by the media have become more and more active. They are under the banner of "public observation", "legal supervision" and "social surveillance" and interact with illegal websites and a small number of media players. The use of Microblogging, WeChat's public number, a large number of fish, Baijia count and other network accounts, as well as self-produced Web sites and communication groups on the domestic and external Internet often organize large-scale paid postings, paid erasures, other online behaviors suspected of extortion, forcible transactions, fraud, illegal transactions, trouble-shooting, insult, violation of citizens' personal information and other criminal activities, serials zno undermining Internet lines, disruption of normal management of Internet culture, social morality and public order. In this regard, the Public Security Department has deployed the national public security authorities to continue to carry out special attacks against the "Water Network Army", which effectively shocks the relevant criminal activities.

Since the beginning of this year, masses and victims have reported the extraordinary problems of the media "water army of the network". The Department of Public Security attached great importance to this and quickly conducted investigations to establish staffing, working patterns, profit models, and the activities of the gray industry "Water Army Network". Features found a number of clues of illegal activities. The public security authority's investigation found that the composition of the "network water army" by the media is relatively complex. The first is the main staff, including primarily the public relations network and its "written hand" and "military army". The Network Public Relations Company is the head of the "Water Network Army," which is responsible for accepting the "client" request, planning and organizing network advertising, paying and deleting posts, etc. The "Handwriting Hand" is familiar with the psychology of the Netanya, This is the concrete performer of online speculative activities and pays for it online. The second is the upstream staff, ie. business-looking "network water army," mainly in advertisers, customers, and explosives. Advertisers use Shuijun speculation to increase the number of clicks on their ads, clients and explosives give speculation points, and military army attacks speculate on designated units and staff to respond to specific requests. Third, downstream staff, ie. "Network Water Army," the business executives, is mainly made up of professional promoters, small illegal website operators, and well-known "ghost" websites. Professional promoters are often part of the "big V", "net red" network, etc., with their influence in "fans", welcoming advertising, petty illegal website operators, "inner spirits" from famous Web sites Editors moderators primarily support the deletion of the "Military Army on the Internet" and the posting of posts to gain illegal interests.

According to reports, there are four major models of profit from the media "water army network": First, paid positions are deleted. Illegal creation of small websites, local businesses and institutions, individuals relying on counterfeit materials to produce facts and even malicious slander, and use the network to promote advertising, to compel committed staff, businesses and institutions to pay for "the wrong". The second is to post a paid post. With the so-called internet company, we began to do a "client" business publishing, and by employing the "Water Army of the Network," there are targeted and planned large-scale speculation. The third is illegal advertising. By hiring the "military network network", and relying on the relationship of "big V network", well-known bloggers, forum moderators, red network, etc., to "client" to forward illegal advertising, expand the propaganda effect. The fourth is malicious to spread the Trojan virus and improve the clickthrough rate. By finding a Trojan on the web page, the page's clickthrough rate is refreshed to capture the advertiser's "eyebrow" so as to attract business and gain economic benefits.

As an alternative to the traditional "network water army," media blackmail has the following characteristics: First, the means of committing crimes are hidden and the techniques are hidden. Some media from the Military Army gang to escape the attack, the website involved in the case is built outside of the country using a fake identity for a bank card, Alipay, Tenpay, 4G network card, modus operandi, False bank account is being processed in an illegal industrial chain. The second is to use the media name to advertise with fake news websites. Criminal gangs searched for negative information about businesses and institutions online, freed or threatened to post negative hip-hop, spurred public opinion, and executed extortionist activities. False news sites are often denoted by the words "legal system", "China" and "China" to create influence. The third is that real and fake reporters negotiate and work together in order. The real journalist contacts mainly the victim's department with the help of his reporter, and the fake journalist mainly deals with contactless work such as target selection and speculation without directly asking for money, but transmits a "reporting fee", "advertising fee" and " Membership fee". – The nominal masked form of extortion.

Within the organization and command of the Public Security Department, the public security authorities in Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hebei, Beijing, Anhui, Shaanxi, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong and Yunnan are consistently focused on the Legal News Network and Quasi case. Key cases such as the "extortion cases of Anhui Wang and other people" took action to collect networks and arrested a number of people involved in the media "Military Army Network" and broke dozens of criminal havens. So far, some of the people involved have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of one year, a number of key cases have been transferred to the prosecutor's office, and other cases have been further investigated. (CCTV reporter Song Feijing)

(Editor: Chen Yng)

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