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Multinationals compete on a 2018 Asian Windsurfing Championship and Asian Kite Championship

Multinationals compete on a 2018 Asian Windsurfing Championship and Asian Kite Championship

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Jin Jing, a reporter from Jin Jing, said that on 25 November the Asian Windsurfing Asian Championships and the Asian Kiteboarding Championships officially started in 2018. The leaders and athletes involved were in close contact with the blue sky and clean water Zhuhai and became beautiful nature in Zhuhai. It's worth noting that this kite board event is the first Asian tournament of kiteboarding. In May this year, the Executive Committee of the Sailing Federation officially chose the kite board at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

It is reported that the competition attracted nearly 200 athletes from 14 countries and regions, including China, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. 2 elements. Citizens and tourists can watch the game at Wild Beaver Island, the bay of Tamil Bay and the beach.

On November 24, Zhuhai officially opened the long-awaited Green Lake Xiangshan Cup Competition · 2018 Asian Windsurfing Championship and Kite Asian Kite Championship. This is the first time that Asian events for windsurfing and kiteboarding events have settled in Zhuhai. Zhang Xiaodong, Deputy Director of the State Sports Sports Management Center, Chairman of China Yachting and Windsurfing Association, Malaf Shrof, President of the Asian Sailing Federation, Marcus Schwendner, Executive Secretary of the International Association of the Kite Board, Zhuhai Municipal Permanent Commission, Deputy Mayor Zhu Qingqiao, Guangdong Tai Jian, Deputy Director of the Maritime Projects Training Center, and Qi Xiangming, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Cultural Sports Tourism in Zhuhai, and Party Secretary and Chairman of Zhuhai Jiuzhou Holding Group Co., Ltd. Huang Xin and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

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