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My box is good, everything is cheap.

Shen Teng to promote "Crazy Alien"

My box is good, everything is cheap.

It is difficult to say that Shen Teng's funny skill is also called "the hand of the actor who is wrong." If there is a meeting, what "smiles" will the two have? The Crazy Foreigner, directed by Ning Hao, is in full swing and the 9-day boxing is over 1.7 billion yuan. Yesterday afternoon two actors from Crazy Alien, Shen Teng and Lei Jiayin appeared in Chongqing to promote the film.

The two "segments" really made the atmosphere of the stage very active, not only opening the openness of the other side but also fighting for the nominal value of the film. When the picture was made, there was no idolical burden, and the "sweet" hugs together. It is worth mentioning that Shen Teng's cumulative cash register yesterday shot 10 billion yuan, in response to which Shen Ten said, "I'm cheap because when the movie came out, the number of screens was much more than before. That is right.

Shen Ten Lei Jayan headed to the other side

Already in 2012, Ning Hao directed the movie "Golden Robbery," Lee Jiain is the lead role, Shen Ten, while this year's "Crazy Alien" became the first role of Ning Hao's film, and Le Jiain became a supporting role. ,

On stage Shen She said that the race between the two starts with the "Golden Robber". "I especially liked the character at the time, and I went to the process, and the result was not responsible." Shen Day said with a smile, he took the initiative to ask if he could answer. He will take other measures. My age is too big! "After listening to the audience, laughter broke out.

Les Jayin said it was actually a "bitter tear". "From the time of the Golden Ribbon, I went down, actually," Crazy Alien, "which I also wanted to play, and the discovery of Les Jayin also caused the audience to laugh, the No. 1 male and the No. 2 man are fixed, and even the role the aliens are fixed. "After all, Le Jiain plays a policeman in" Mad Alien, "says Shen Ten," The audience should look closely, you can not see it when you make a cell phone. "Le Jiain said seriously, little role is what I'm fighting for.

"Matching the cross talks" to two people even the host can not help but wants to join, saying that Shen Ten also said he was a "crazy foreigner" nominal value. Lei Jiayin listened and smiled and said, "Well, we were school grass." Shen Teng did not forget the "black" Lei Jiayin at the moment: "Yes, but he was part of the school, which was manually cleaned." "While weeds are still separated from one side of the hand.

For the future, how to fight for Ning Hao's actor, Shen Tenn still does not forget the "black" director, "it's all secret work, see who sent the gift the director loves to swear." Low, "We do not pay much for the movie, so the monkeys (the aliens in the film) and the special effects cost more than 200 million, and you said you know …" The two of us will be laughing on the stage, sigh. "More enjoyable than listening to Deun's comical dialogue!"

Shan Tenn cumulative cash desk broke 10 billion

Over the past two days, there has been much debate about Wu Jing and Huang Wei as the first "billionaire actor," but now Shen Teng is now a billionaire actor! The reporter saw that, according to the professional version of the lighthouse data, Shenteng's cumulative cash office reached 10 billion yuan, turning into another "billionth actor."

This year's Spring Festival, two of Juan Wei's films, will be released on the market. During the press, Crazy Alien won more than 1.7 billion boxes, "Flying Life" also has more than 1.2 billion box office, which also speeding up Shen Ten became the new "billionaire actor." It is worth mentioning that, according to the Lighthouse Professional Edition, Shenteng has reached 10 billion boxes with 9 films, while Wu Jing uses 18 films and Huang Wei uses 31 films.

In this regard, Shen Day told reporters: "When I started playing movies, the number of screens was much more than I used to be." Shen Ten said he did not know how the box office was counted. "Actually, I do not care so much for the box office, of course, it's a privilege for me, and that will make me feel stressed in the future."

"Billions of actors" did not pick up the plane

On these two days, # 沉 腾 要 排 面 # became a hot topic. After the first self-destructive and unmanned pilot two fans went to take the plane and sighed and said, "It is better not to come!" In Chongqing, when asked if anyone had come to the airport to take, Shen Ten laughed and said, "Today I'm coming by train!" But no one took the mask.

Whether there are fans to climb hot demand but also start from the interaction between Shen Ten and Han Khan of Weibo. On the 12th, Shen Ten and Han Khan said about Wei Wei's arrival at Weibo, Weibo from Shen Teng said, "I am the most beautiful in the Asia-Pacific region, and my mother does not take me." Bo sends and writes: "The main reason is that you are too beautiful to be a shadowy person and make the airport crash." I did not expect Shen Tien to respond to this Weibo and wrote: "I'm afraid I will not wait for the airport that day, hehe." Later, some media asked Shen Teng after someone sent Weibo, someone picked up the plane Shen Ten said he had fans who took the plane but only two people.

There is a media question in Chongqing: you are now also a "nurse sister" star. Shen Day asked in a confused way, "What is a stationary sister?" She said, with a smile, "Sister, I know, I have this!" Actually, the nurse of the station is a fan who takes the camera to take the star and star. Teng replied that he had been sent earlier by a few Weibos and I did not expect to go to the hot search. "Whether someone took the plane to Chongqing, Shen Day said," Today I'm coming by train. "The host said he consciously has taken a mask and nobody recognized it. I usually do not wear a mask, wear a medical mask and pretend to be a patient. "Speaking "I sometimes go to the event, the organizer thinks very carefully and organizes a lot of bodyguards, as a result of that, besides the bodyguards around me, there is no one, very embarrassing! That caused me a lot of harm! "The audience laughed and said," They do not like screaming two scorpions! ""

Chongqing Morning News, top reporter Kong Lingjiang

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