Saturday , July 31 2021

New research to show that young stars will destroy the atmosphere of the planet – Scientific research – cnBeta.COM

According to foreign media BGR, in recent years astronomers have confirmed the discovery of a large number of new exoplanets, and every day the authors confirm the existence of a new planet, there is always an interest in whether the planet can sustain life. For many newly discovered exoplanets, the answer is often not. The temperatures of these planets are too high or too low, or they are just gas giant planets with heavy environments.


However, when the rocky exoplanet is properly located by its star and is in the so-called "habitable zone," it still has a chance to live. A new research article published in letters of astronomy and astrophysics explains that even some of the planets in their "habitable zone" are destined to "face a cruel fate."

For a life-giving planet, it needs some kind of atmosphere. It is believed that many young planets have formed the atmosphere at an early stage. Young planets usually run around the young stars, and scientists are already aware, as always, of how difficult it is for a planet to "hold" the atmosphere to an active young star.

This article explains that in the dwarfs of the M-type, the life of the planets around them can become very difficult. Unlike stars like the sun, the dwarf M-stars are especially active at an early age, and the amount of X-rays and ultraviolet rays thrown over the decades has increased.

This radiation can quickly remove the near atmosphere. The study points out that even a planet with a similar earth atmosphere can completely lose its atmosphere within a million years if it circles around an especially active young star.

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