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Original title: Nicholas Tzé, Wu Yantzu, Feng Wei met challenges 20 years later, the show gathered

Friends get together to be extremely warm and make dreams come together with food! At 62:00 this Saturday night, Zhejiang Satellite TV Anmuxi "Feng Wei" will continue to launch a gourmet adventure in Greece. In this episode, Nicholas Tze will join the "old friend" Wu Yantzu for the first time after 20 years of collaboration in the program. They will challenge the three-day refurbished restaurant to help the local Chinese girl Qiqi, who teaches Greek, to play on the beach. Speed ​​and passion, fishing at sea to fight Feng Ting's "fishing charm", but also faces a wave of three purchases and buying fish-related foods … The whole journey is filled with unknown entertainment. In addition to that, Nicholas Tsu Wan Yantsu, in addition to sharing food and architecture, also experienced the films that both worked together talking to each other, talking about family changes, talking about men's transformation and conducting a wave of "murder" in memory ".

Nicholas Tzé, Un Jantsu suffered an "impossible mission". The two men stepped out of the sea to break the "Fishing Magic"

In "The Little Eggs" at the end of the first phase of Feng Wey, she reveals the "adventure" that Nicholas Tze's trip to Greece will meet. In this episode, the two first experienced a beach and a beautiful debut, stirring up "speed and passion," and also began a joke about "age," called Uncle Dan, Uncle Nick. To help the local Chinese girl who teaches Greek, Qiqi, to fulfill her desire to experience beautiful memories with friends, the challenge is to repair "three restaurants" without electricity, without kitchen utensils and without wood for three days. At the same time we have to prepare a dinner for at least five people. Although there is Wu Yanzu who understands architecture, Nicholas Tzé will cook, but so short a time is almost an "impossible task".

To prepare fresh ingredients for cooking, "fishing black hole" Nicholas Tse and "novice for fishing" Wu Yanzu want to go fishing personally, and even some people accidentally "jumping on the sea" it is necessary to break the show " The process of buying seafood with Nie Weifeng, which is more powerful than the "fish", is also full of twists and turns. To buy fish, the market is full of frozen seafood and after go to the seashore one kilometer away and meet the weekend to close the store. is not yet settled, and in the process of helping girls dream, it is natural to taste local food.Wu Yanzu's anti-religious Xie Weifeng tasted the authentic way of Qingkou, and Xie Yufeng appreciated the "interesting." Nicholas Tzé also inspired the creation of the local Cream House landmark, saying it would create special dishes for this dream of sleep, and Wang Yantu would also cook the specialty meals personally.

Nicholas Tze prepares "surprise" for Wu Yantzu to experience the old transition from boy to man

In addition to helping girls dream and weave beautiful memories brought from food, in this episode, Nicholas Tzu and Wu Yantzu will review the old days of those years. Nicholas Tzé carefully prepares a special "surprise" for his friend Wu Yantzu, who has produced a short film from the movie, which was shot by two people, the two watching and remembering their family and dreams, remembering to confuse girlfriend Fun Delun. The change, from madness, desperate to know how to enjoy life, is more annoying and laughter.

In fact long before the show began, Wah Yantzu once took a picture of himself and Nicholas Tze, saying he had a lot of feelings about life during his travels. Everyone evolved from a guy to a guy. It can be seen that Feng Feng travel allows both to have a heart-to-heart connection and also allows us to see the healing power brought by food that is a long-standing friendship that has seen the valuable friendship between good friends.

Share food and share love! Can Nicholas Tzu and Wu Yantzu break the curse of Feng Wei and successfully catch the fish? Can the "refurbished restaurant" run smoothly? What are the interesting and warm stories of the two? All unknown adventures must be answered only at 22:00 on Feng Ting on Saturday.

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