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Niu Ze Shooting Game Button Sexual Abuse of Female Staff Investigation of Police Interventions – Concerned Information

According to media reports in Taiwan, the director of "艋舺" Niu Chengse is shocked and sexually assaulted by female staff. Some media reports that he has received news that Niu Chengde is suspected of invading workers during Running Horse. Female Generation). It is reported that the woman is accompanied by a girlfriend to appear at the desk of the Mother and Child Police on Friday afternoon and make a record. After revealing the news, the reporter found a girlfriend, and the other revealed that the woman was physically and mentally injured at this time and was totally unable to work.

According to the victim's friend, woman A joins herself by Ren Xiangchi[微博]After participating in the movie "Kon", director New Cheng does not avoid the frequency and draws attention to it. It's no secret to take care of him. Staff also said that crew members initially thought it was his move to deliberately facilitate the shooting atmosphere.

Niu Chengz

A woman (average) accompanied by a friend went to the police station to report the case and record the confession.

The female hand is obvious

According to A's girlfriend at the end of November, the crew's original had a meeting, but Niu Chengze suddenly canceled the meeting based on a poor physical and mental state. He then sent a message to the head of the woman to talk to her home and mentioned she could bring a woman. Get up.

After arriving at Niu Chengze's house at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, there were many friends in the house, Niu Chengse, who left and left Niu Chengse, a female and a major three. Later, the boss also wanted to go home because of a hangover. With the slogan "I very much respect women," I want the sergeant to leave first.

The girlfriend said that a woman worried that Niu Chengj was unhappy because she chose to stay alone, and at first the two still had a normal conversation, but not long after, Niu Chengge approached and touched her head and shoulders. on the sofa and get violent. Kissing, undressing, and even stern attack, the process is extremely rough.

The friend also said that New Chengge had a strong desire for the beast and that a woman was physically and mentally exhausted and she was shaking on the couch. Then New Cheng reveals that there has been a great disaster and tried to apologize, but the victim was too frightened to pack the galloping team overnight.

One woman was accompanied by a friend in the hospital for the first time. There was a lot of tears in the inspection list. The photographer also provided pictures of the woman's left and right hand, confirming that she had been devastated.

Of course, within 10 days of the incident, Niu Chengz's surface is working normally, but it is a lot of remorse in person. He constantly sends messages to a woman to release remorse, but the cause of helplessness is, and that does not help. The reporter first called Niu Chengde, and even after the deadline, the multichannel mobile phones were transferred to voicemail, supervisor Liu Weiran and the producers did not start, and the message was not read to Liu, only the executive body had called. Knowing his phone, he said, "I'm sorry we're busy." Then I shut up.

Then she called Miss A, the other party's voice sounded rather disappointed and said she was a little busy now and asked if she knew about her and said, "Yes, I do not have time to talk about these things now." Quickly shut up.

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