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Original title: The games market is subject to strict supervision! Online game ethics committee shot, 20 studies of 9 models in the first attempt, 650 billion Value market value or pressure

The regulation of the gaming industry has increased again!

According to video surveillance, the online ethics committee of the game has recently been set up and the first batch of 20 online moral hazard games has been reviewed. After carefully scrutinizing the results of the assessment, the online gaming authorities instructed their respective publishing and operations units to carefully change the 11 games to eliminate moral hazard, and it was decided not to approve the nine games.

Since the beginning of this year, the game industry has been weak due to the freezing of the game's approval. Not only small companies survive, but evenTencentThe increase in original popular players slowed down, the cost of developing new games and the cost of introducing foreign games was great, but it was too late to attract consumers to pay, and the pressure on performance was enormous.

Although the game can bring tremendous profits to the company, the public opinion on its social impact is more negative. Particularly for young people parents are very vigilant about the negative effects of renting games and violence and blood in the game.

Faced with increasingly tough industry regulations, the mobile gaming market is close to saturation, the cost of developing games remains high, and the gaming industry faces a lot of pressure. According to statistics from brokerage Chinese journalists, there are 79 companies involved in game concepts in both cities. As of December 7, the total market value of the above companies is about 650 billion.

Game review and reinforcement

"Equivalent to an additional review stage based on revision version, and now the number of versions may not be able to pass this moral hazard review." Perennial gaming industry practitioners introduced this to broker Chinese reporters. The impact of a policy.

Regulators have always kept a high level of attention to the content of violence and gambling in game products, and the regulatory attitude has also become more stringent. There were expectations in this market. Previously, there was an analysis that in the future, once the game has been re-approved, the review of game related content may be tighter.

In October 2017, when the chicken game was at the center of attention, SARFT expressed a negative attitude towards the game of the big running game. It is worth noting that SARFT not only called "Jesus Survival: Great Escape", but also specifically highlighted the "gameplay". The main reason is that this game encourages violence, is too bloody and is inappropriate for the domestic market.

In March 2017, regulators reviewed some of the board games that had already received the numbers and even detailed the words "chess, platforms, halls" and other related words in the name of the game. A game of gaming mode has no problem going to the local office of the city and then going to the general office. The game can be sent directly to Beijing and the material will be sent for review to the General Administration of the Bureau.

The 650 billion online game conception game will be under pressure

The shares of the A-share Online Concept are present as a whole, with the index slightly rising by 0.29%. In terms of individual shares, Aofei Entertainment, Yalian Development and New China have increased by more than 5%. Light media, Jialinjie and Xinhaiyi, grew by more than 4%.

According to statistics from brokerage Chinese journalists, there are 79 companies involved in game concepts in both cities. As of December 7, the total market value of the above companies is about 650 billion.

Hagytung's media research report noted that tightening supervision may slow the overall growth of the gaming industry, but leading companies still have relatively large benefits and stocks of products and talents, and market concentration in the future can be further improved.

Guojin Securities said that after almost a decade of the "mobile gaming bonus period" and global integration, the gaming industry has reached a crossroads: the mobile gaming market is close to saturation, the lack of a new theme of the explosion, the cost of developing games remains high, harder and harder. The game industry has never been able to "lie down money to make money," and change is the only topic. If large producers can not find the direction of innovation, the whole market will fall into a swamp.

Tianfeng Securities said the newly issued 2018 Strategic Emerging Industrial Classification further perfected the digital cultural classification, adding digital cultural creative software development, digital cultural creative services to content creation, digital cultural creative activities, animations, games. Digital content services were selected in China's strategic emerging industries classification and key products and services related to them were identified. Currently, provincial institutions in the gaming industry policy are in the process of executing provincial three-tier documents, and it is expected that the trend of opening and closing the version number will gradually become clear and the market resources of the industry will be concentrated on large enterprises, the effect of the head of the product will be obvious.

Soochow Securities said the overall growth of the gaming industry in the first half of 2018 slowed down to 5.2%, of which the three-month quarterly increase in quarterly sales for mobile games slowed to 13% -17% after it suffered After the general game regulation and rigorous certification of the real name, the gaming industry has already introduced "four shortcomings": product shortages, traffic shortages, shortage of users and shortage of versions.

For investment opportunities on the market, Soochow Securities gave two main directions:

Main Line 1: Partner with Tencent in 2019: Perfect World, Tourist Network, Caesar Culture, Century Huatong and others. Main line 2: Leading companies with steady growth in business: Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Baotong Technology, Gigabit, Chinese media and others.

The performance of the game will remain weak during the fourth quarter

In the semi-annual report of 2018 Tencent's business declined on a monthly basis, with the main reason being that both the games of "Stimulus Battlefield" and "All Army Shock" could not be reviewed and paid, leading to a failure in the Tencent market .

During the half-year conference call, Tencent President Liu Chiping reported on the influence of freezing approval on Tencent's games and said "current approval by version number regulators is temporary and there is no way to play unless the official version is As a result of regulatory reforms, all new games are currently not approved. "

Since the publication of the semi-annual report, the game's approval status has not improved. According to the information briefing of the mobile gaming market, announced in October, overall market performance in the month was relatively weak.

In terms of number of games, the total number of games remained stable in October, but the number and share of new games declined. In October, the number of new online games was 14, and new games – 4.8%, which was a significant drop. This was the lowest value for the year, except in February, due to the impact of the Spring Festival on the graphics of the game. In the games market, the new game was weak in October. In the TOP20 list of the October mobile gaming data, there is only one new game in the month, the list still dominated by the new Q3 tour. With regard to game purchases, the number of purchases in October dropped and the total number of TOP20 gaming ads dropped by 25.4%.

After a year's decline, the situation in the fourth quarter is not optimistic. In a recent research report on the media industry, Galaxy Securities said that since the 4th century is the summer season and the Spring Festival, both games are off-season, which belongs to off-season gaming markets. Periodic impact. Looking back in the previous years, real Q4 sales revenue in 2016 and 2017 is low at the end of the year, so the potential for the Q4 game market in 2018 to exceed the previous three quarters is relatively low.

According to the Galaxy Securities report as a whole, as gaming related policies have not yet fully landed, the recovery of the gaming industry's foundations will take time. Once the release version of the game is reopened, the gaming market can release more revenue.

Recovery and approval are the subject of institutional reform

For the gaming industry, version number approval was suspended by the end of March this year and lasted for 7 months and a half. No new products have been produced in the industry. Another important product license for the industry: the online online replenishment of the Ministry of Culture games and the suspension of new applications began in early June this year and continued for more than five months.

Over the last few months, players have been eagerly awaiting the return of game approvals. During this period, rumors about resuming approvals have been reported several times in the industry, but then they have proved completely unfounded, so rumors about the gaming industry for such reconnaissance approvals of immunization.

It is worth mentioning that prior to the media interview, the Ministry of Culture responded to the suspension of online gambling, one of the reasons being the reform of state institutions.

For the gaming industry, the provincial news and cultural departments took over the functions of Ghana's nomination for gaming product approval. In the approval process, this is the first step, although the final issue and submission of games is actually handled by the central competent authority. Commitment, but the progress of institutional reforms at provincial level is also directly related to the approval of the gaming industry.

Along with the approval of the reform plans of 31 provincial institutions in the country, institutional reform at provincial level will enter the implementation stage. Similar to institutional reforms at the central level, provincial propaganda departments began to add the press to the press and publications and also became central. A similar bureau for culture and tourism.

The approval of institutional reforms at provincial level means that the process of administrative approval of gaming products is done up and down, which creates conditions for restoring the approval of game.

Judging by the current situation, according to central government requirements, provincial institutional reforms will be completed by the end of December and the progress of provincial institutional reforms will be completed by the end of March next year.

Currently, following the approval of the plan, provincial agencies are in the process of introducing and implementing provincial documents on three levels, but the rest of the year is not much. For the gaming industry, the phasing out of institutional reform is only the clarity of the administrative approval process. It is understandable that the relevant gaming industry management documents are still in progress and gaming companies still have to wait patiently.

Although it has not yet decided when the approval is released, it is certain that the freeze of approval is temporary and it is impossible for the new game to launch online indefinitely. Liu Ching spoke also in the conference call: "For the new games, the regulator realized that because of the restructuring, freezing the version affects the entire industry, GAPP has established a green approval process if the game can apply for this Green Channel. paid test. "

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