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Out of the way! Real Madrid Hosts Evening Fans Will Launch Weapons + Fireworks Ajax

Original title: Get started! Real Madrid hosts in the evening will release firearms + fireworks

Focus wars, especially in a cross country championship war, there are often some extreme home team fans with a variety of means to influence the rest of the guests to help the hosts get more benefits. No, the Real Madrid players were "specially taken care of" by Ajax's extreme fans at the hotel, where they stayed before Real Madrid challenged the first round of Ajax in the eighth round of the Champions League. "The Mark" quoted the Dutch Telegraph as saying that four Ajax fans were throwing firecrackers and fireworks at the hotel where Real Madrid stayed in the middle of the night and the local police arrested them.

The incident happened at 2 am today at the local time when the hotel patrols and fireworks awakened the well-trained Real Madrid players and the staff of the hotel and the security guards of Real Madrid immediately reported the police. Ajax's final fans were arrested. The Dutch telegraph said in a report that the Radicals in Ajax fans said they would be responsible for the matter. Around 5 am local time, the Real Madrid hotel's neighbor said, "I see lots of lights in the room, the action is very successful! I'm Ajax fans so I'll laugh at him. "

Marka said that the fireworks event and the stadiums woke the Real Madrid players. However, this is not the first time that Galaxy players have been tormented by the radical fans of the visiting team. A year ago, before Real Madrid challenged Paris Saint-Germain's knockout, about 50 fans of Paris Saint-Germain gathered near the hotel where Real Madrid's players stayed and harassed the latter to relax. In this incident two fans of Paris Saint-Germain were arrested. "Mark" finally said that these extreme behaviors have become "a means by which crazy people are emitting their misfortune."

It is worth mentioning that, according to previous media reports, over 3,000 Real Madrid fans went to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to watch the game.

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