Sunday , January 17 2021

Paid 200,000! Barcelona thorns apologize to the team: it is no longer too late to cause problems –

  1. Paid 200,000! Barcelona vows to apologize to the squad: it is no longer a cause for trouble
  2. The Champions League – Dembele broke the door to equalize magically! Barcelona 1-1 Tottenham joined the Netease NetEase mobile network
  3. Wash your heart? Dembele first arrived at the training ground in Barcelona, ​​this time without penalty – Valverde Sohu
  4. The Barcelona coach: Dembele accepts punishment internally and does not guarantee that he is no longer late.
  5. Barcelona "poor students" super class volume! Flying 60-meter demolition of a single-dragon counter without turning legs of monsters
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