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Premier League – Obamyan Helps Torrella Obama Arsenal Arsenal 1-0 Hazhen _ Restricted Area

Original title: Premier League – Obamyan helps Torrella to defeat arsenal Arsenal 1-0 Hazhen

At 23:00 on December 8 in Beijing, 16th round of the English Premier League 2018-2019 began to compete, Arsenal played at Emirates Stadium against Huddersfield. Both sides did not make a difference in the first half, and Obamyan and Lakazette missed the opportunity. In the second half, Mustafi was injured and at the end of the game, Oba Meya helped Torrela to finish the game, Arsenal beat Huddersfield 1-0, and Gunners' events were unseen for 21 consecutive matches.

This is the 78th match between the two teams in an official match, with Arsenal's 36 victories, 25 draws and 16 losses, and last season's first match between the two teams in the Premier League, at the time both teams played in both round of the league. Huddersfield's duel at home and in Arsenal's pair. Compared to the previous round of the league, Arsenal's starting line has three changes in the game. Zach and Lukaset return to the starting lineup and Liechtener replaces the injured Choline in the last round of the championship. Er is still wounded and missing. It is worth noting that Koscielny and Monreal, who have already returned to the team, have entered the big list of the game.

In the 10th minute Chris Low scored the ball forward and lowered to the front of the box. At the 28th minute, the front of the forbidden Gondozzi area was given to Zacha, and the low ball on the right side of Zacca was carried into the forbidden zone, and Obamyan was shot in the middle of the shooting. In the 29th minute, Arsenal made a counterattack on the right side of the front corner, and Gondozi pulled the ball to the right side of the penalty area and moved to the middle of the protected area.

In the 36th minute, Zaka's perimeter was blocked by a teammate's cross, and a large range shot was high. In the 37th minute Torrela's back test responded to Liechtener's direct pass. Williams broke the Torrella back, the referee showed a yellow card to Williams, and Williams's foul sparked a conflict between the two sides. In the next 5 minutes, the referee gave two consecutive yellow cards to Tommy Smith and Papastatopoulos. The smell of gunpowder was very strong.

In the 42nd minute, Lino opened the huge goal in the penalty area ahead of the front leg. Obamaman's first point led the ball forward, Lukaset ahead, but the defender of Huddidfold Zanka interwoven the ball, then Zhanka Returns to the goalie, this time Lacazette quickly inserts and steals the door, but the judge plays before Obamayan takes the ball, Lacazette forward the moment , In the 46th minute, the Gondozi line was thrown at Torreira at the top of the restricted area. Torrela congratulated the ball and the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. Arsenal midfielder temporarily 0-0 Huddersfield.

The second half is easy to fight. At the start of the second half, Arsenal made a correction for the substitution, and Mkhitary and Ivoby stepped out of the bench to replace Kazate and Lichsteiner. In the 46th minute, Arsenal's front left and succeeded, and Ivoy took the ball and went straight to Mkhitaryan. Mchitaliang cut inside the upper part of the restricted area and staked on the volley. In the 50th minute Pritchard scored the ball to the left side of the field and continued to get rid of the low blow. Leno attacks and confiscates the ball before Depoitre.

With 63 minutes played, Zaka sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. In the 64th minute Mustafi fell to the ground in the backyard and failed to stick to the game and pointed to the field that he would be replaced. "Mustafi stepped back and went on the bench, 71 minutes later, Arsenal received a direct free kick to the left side of the field, and Zaka was removed from the penalty shootout and the ball was hit by the goal keeper.

In the 79th minute, Gondowie dropped the ball into the forbidden zone and was defeated by Mui, but the judge condemned Gondozzi fake and showed a yellow card on Gondo. In the 82th minute Kolasinatz made a big cross on the left side and crossed the ball into the penalty area. Mchitaliang's driver was shot across the crossbar.

In the 83rd minute, Gondozzi left the altitude at the right side of the penalty area. After Obamyan received the ball, he dropped the ball back to the front of the goal before the end. Torrela shot a side shot and scored, Arsenal 1- 0 lead. The game ended, Arsenal 1-0 Huddersfield.

Both sides played:

Arsenal (3-5-2): 19-Lennox / 12 – Liechtener (17 – Slot 46), 20 – Mustafa (18 – Montreal 66- Papa Sopos / 34-Zaca, 29-Gondoze, 31-Colasinak / 14-Omeyian, 9-Lair Casey (7-Mahranian 46)

Huddersfield (3-5-2): 1-loss / 25 – Zanka, 26 – Schindler, 5-congo / 2 – Tommy Smith), 19- Williams (37-Durm 70) 7-Bakuna 53 & # 39;), 10-Muyi, 15-Chris-Lovi / 21- 20-de Poitre

Technical statistics of both countries:

Arsenal player rating:

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