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January 27, 2019 00:26 Source: Beijing Youth Daily Take part in the interaction

Proud bones, practice, give an example

(Reporter Zhang Kunlong) Yesterday, the team of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan in the winter training of the Algarve in Portugal resumed the preparation of high-intensity preparations for two days. After a brief physical recovery in 2 days, the Brazilian international team Augusto participated for the first time in the training of the team and showed good training status. Player Guan No. 5 is very pleased with the coaching team, including Schmidt, both technically and physically.

Earlier this week, Augusto, who finished his vacation, went to the Faro base to report to the team, after about 50 days of renewal, he returned to the Brazilians of the club.

During his break, in addition to a short stay with his family, Augusta did not give up his request but conducted basic physical training under the guidance of a physiotherapist and rehabilitation teacher. Since there was no training for the ball for more than a month, Augusto missed the first two meetings to warm up the team, and after coming to Portugal, he relied heavily on physical reserves. After a few days of adjustment, Augusto finally held the first joint training with the team yesterday afternoon. According to the analysis of advanced equipment data, although this is the first time he trains with his teammates, the distance to Augusto and the sprint distance are the first in the team and the good fortune is obvious.

In the morning training, Augusto was mainly followed by Chinese coach Cheng Jun to make a one-time pass and ball training and practice. The state quickly integrates into the winter rhythm of the team's preparation. Augustus, who is very demanding for himself, pays great attention to detail, every foot strives to be the best, and if dissatisfied, he will also signal the coach to do it again. Strong and responsible attitude gave Cheng Yun thumbs for him and repeatedly said that Augusta's performance was good.

Coach Schmid praised Augusto before all players after the training. He said: "Last August was fighting the Super League, the English Cup and the World Cup, and the body was exhausted." The plan, from the winter training, his homework is very well done Augusto is a very professional athlete and model for young players in our team! "

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