Saturday , December 5 2020

Quaring emphasizes improving the political position of the province's geological science conference. Attracting key links, deepening scientific work on earthquake prevention and reducing disasters |

Original title: Qu Yong at the Provincial Geological Science Conference highlights that it improves political positions, conquers key links and further promotes scientific and technical work on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction

On 23 November, the province held a provincial scientific conference on earthquakes, summed up the work, analyzed the situation and unleashed the work. Deputy Governor Qi Chun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Qu Yong pointed out that the progressive scientific and technological system of the province has constantly improved and gradually shaped the working model of "party committee leadership, government responsibility, departmental cooperation, social participation and legal system assurance", endorsement of the demonstration of earthquakes is organized. A total of 45 provincial demonstration areas have been set up to effectively improve awareness of the safety of earthquakes and self-rehabilitation and mutual rescue capability of the entire nation. The development and promotion of seismic research has been carried out in depth, raising awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.

Qu Yong stressed that our province is a large area of ​​seismic activity and it is very important to do a good job in the earthquake. All relevant departments in the various regions should carefully focus on the overall economic and social development of the province, adhere to human thinking in terms of development, science and precision, to do well in the new era of earthquake science, to improve the scientific quality of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction for all. Exhaustive capacity to prevent social earthquakes and reduce disasters provides a strong guarantee for the in-depth implementation of the May 4th strategy and seeks to promote "one excellent and two high" and build a rich, civilized, harmonious and beautiful Qinghai. (Chen Chen)

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