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Racing is the power of the real car brand – Beijing Business News – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-20 05:12:33 Source: Beijing Business Daily

2 red flags, 4 safety cars, in rain and heavy rain, 2018 WEC Shanghai 6 hour race delivering news that should entertain fans on the scene: following 24 Hours of Le Mans last year No. car group. 38 of the DC team Jackie Chan once again achieved the achievement of winning the championship at home in Shanghai. The excitement of the team's success trophy will no doubt allow more people to inject more trust into the development of Chinese motor sports.

The WEC is a long-standing event since F1 In 2018, WEC came to China for the seventh time, its predecessor was ILMC (Le Mans Intercontinental Cup) held by ACO (Le Mans 24-hour official organization). ) In 2012, the FIA ​​decided to hold the Le Mans Resilience Series together with ACO, and ILMC was renamed WEC. The Shanghai 6 Hour Tournament is the fifth match of the World Endurance Championship this season and the only stop from the event in China. During the race, each car is driven by two to three drivers, and the team with the most distance in 6 hours wins the championship.

This year's Shanghai 6-Hour World Endurance Championship won four major groups including Toyota, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW and Chevrolet, and 35 top-class racing cars to compete. Finally, Mike Team No. Toyota 7, Kangwei, Xiaolin Ke Mengwei and Jose Maria Lopez, won the LMP1 category. Former F1 World Champions Alonso and Barton Toyota 8 and SMP Racing 11 were runners-up and group runners-up. The DC38 Jackie Chan team won the LMP2 category.

Although the temperature of the top tracks on November 18 was only around 13 degrees, and heavy rains like a note, the conditions were very hard, but the audience saw racers who experienced through speed, strategy, stability and luck. Super drama.

However, all the power of the car will definitely have a very strong sports heritage, and the car is the most appropriate expression of its sporting heritage. In addition, this car is not only competitive sports, but also an experimental platform for cutting-edge automotive technology. Most of the strong producers will apply their core and cutting-edge automotive technology to racing cars. After rigorous stadium training and driver control, they will gradually be applied to production cars and promoted to the market.

In Germany, there are more children who will ride karts than when they play football. When our young people brush their teeth, people brush New Zealand (the Newberglin North Ring Circuit), even though China ranks first in the world. Car production and sales, but in racing culture, have just gradually moved from the "watching" stage to the "athlete" stage.

After seven years, the 6-hour Shanghai World Championship Endurance Race has been continuously integrated into the world's top events, which is clearly a good thing to increase Chinese fans' knowledge. In addition, as a car practitioner, it also advises consumers that the car is a manifestation of the core strength of the brand. If the brand has never been involved in the track, you might want to consider one more layer when buying a car.

(Article source: Beijing Business Daily)

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