Thursday , June 17 2021

"Run man 7" big blood change inside inside! Deng Chao Liu yi cost of exposure compensation – seamless information

"Running" is about to open the seventh season in 2019. On the 11th, the official announced a big change of blood at the end of the class, including Deng Chao, Lu Hao, Wang Zulan and Chen He of the veteran class, leaving only Li Chen and Zheng. Hey and Angelabi, the fans are sad. The land network later interrupted the show, and the substitution was affected by the "pay limit," which triggered anxiety in all spheres of life.

In the 7th Running Season, members took 4 large coffees. (Figure / flip from Weibo / "Run")

Deng Chao, Lu Khan, Chen He and Wang Zulan respectively left the mood of "Running" with a long text confession, but "Hong Kong" Daily appeared, leaving the team because they were given a "limited order" by SARFT and strictly controlled by the relevant units. Payment of the price in the sky. Among them, Deng Chao and Lu Khan's remuneration for the quarter was over 100 million yuan, and Chen He also had tens of millions because he refused to cut his salary by less than 10 million, the program had to be replaced.

Rumors that Deng Chao and Lu Khan did not accept the salary cut, the program had to be replaced. (Figure / flip from Weibo)

At the same time, some netizens broke the news that the big change in blood is due to the limited pay order. "It is very difficult to do the record, because there are many actors and scenarios, there is nothing to record the variety, so I just left with Dwan Chao, and some people revealed in the message:" Don Chao took 100 million or 200 million for a season, said a nurse. "

The land network broke the news that Dwan Chao "took 100 million in the first quarter." (Figure / flip from Weibo)

"Running" was originally a program that collaborated with the popular "Running Man" in South Korea, which is broadcast in the seventh year, with the members of the program experiencing many changes, including the addition of Luhan from the third season, Angelababy's temporary goodbye for production and others. The old veteran left only Li Chen, Deng Chao, Chen He and Wan Zulan decided to leave only in the sixth quarter, which shocked a large number of fans, and the Netanya complained that "all the smiles were gone" and some people are eagerly waiting for the new team. There will be new ideas.

"Running Man 7" was replaced by Zhu Yawen, Wang Yanlin, "NCT" Lucas, "(G) I-DLE" Song Yuqi. (Figure / flip from Weibo / "Run")

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