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"Sea King" dominating release of Chinese audience worldwide early adopters – Beijing Youth Day – Hanfeng Net

2018-12-09 01:25:11 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

"Sea King" dominating release Chinese audience global early adopters

On December 7, Neptune was released in mainland China in 3D, IMAX 3D and Dolby. It is worth mentioning that the film was released in North America on December 21, meaning that the Chinese audience became the first audience in the world and the movie can be viewed two weeks in advance. After Wanda IMAX's 100-day Watching Festival, Wanda IMAX also entered the climax with the release of Neptune and Sea King on the first day of their release, scored 8.4 on a yellowfish, a Taobao 9.5 ticket, a high-bay desk.

The First Movie for Underwater Superheroes

Neptune is a new DC superhero produced by Warner Bros. film company. Arthur Curry, who tells about half a man and half of Atlantis blood, is embarking on an unforgettable journey. I have to face the test that I am king and king: whether I can deserve the name "Neptune". Neptune first appeared in comic books in 1941. The story brought by director Wen Zirin in the film is largely inspired by the Sea King comic series, serialized in the Nova 52 series when DC again regained the Superhero universe in 2011 y,

As the first movie about underwater superheroes, Sea King's first challenge is to show the magnificent underwater world. For this purpose, the main use of a number of studios has built more than 50 scenes and combined with a sophisticated blue screen display showing the Atlantis underwater palace, arena, warships and many other great scenes. The combination of ancient Roman architecture and digital science fiction, seven great ethnic Atlantes, marine aquarium, fisherman, Zebel, Haigou, fugitive, lost, etc., Haiwanglong, war shark, warlike hippocampus Marines like whales, giant sea monsters, octopus drums and jellyfish lamps are bombed and they are called "Avatar" under water.

The IMAX format represents about 90% of the film

The reason why the film can present such a magnificent, exciting and humorous effect is that Wen Ziren's director has contributed.

Wen Zirin thinks technology is very important to this film. Without these innovative technologies, it is difficult to achieve Sea King. Therefore, when watching the movie, IMAX and Dolby should also be considered. Wen Zirin reveals that the scene of the IMAX frame in "The Sea King" represents about 90% of the total film and continues with IMAX and 26% of the picture. More than half the length of the film is expanded and displayed. Up to 26% of the images in ordinary theaters. And Dolby's innovative Dolby HDR and Dolby Atmos Dolby Cinema technology will present audiences with "subtle imagination" of Atlantis.

The key to the film is to tell the story

While it adds importance to technology, Wen Zirin also emphasized that the key to the film is how to tell a good story. "Whether it's a horror movie or a dramatic film, it will ultimately take on its role." Sea King "takes advantage of the real performance and special effects of these exclusive actors, a perfect combination."

He said the process of "King of the Seas" from one thought to the end is like an epic journey: "I think this story is closely related to the environment we live in, it is very important to me. time and hours In response to the story, I think basically all superhero movies can entertain you and lead you to a fantastic adventure but at the same time you can learn something from these characters, which means you do not even need any It can be a hero.

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