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Serie A – no absolute chance on both sides Milan host 0-0 boring Napoli Zelenski

Original title: Serie A – no absolute chance on both sides Milan 0-0 at home Napoli

At 3:30 on January 27, during Beijing, the 21st round of Serie A in the 2018-19 season was at San Siro Stadium, while Milan played at home against the visiting Naples. After all, both sides had a mutual offensive and defense in the 90th minute but did not get a perfect opportunity. Three days later the two sides will continue to compete in the Italian Cup at San Siro stadium.

In Serie A's history, both teams played 143 times, including Milan with 54 wins, 45 draws, 44 losses, 201 goals, 166 goals and superiority. In the home game, Rossoneri also had a 32-win record, 24 draws and 15 losses. In the last 15 series on both sides, Milan won only one game and the remaining 14 games were 5 draws and 9 losses. This season, both sides played for the first time, Milan was turned by the opponent in the case of two goals, and finally lost 2-3. In this game, Calabria, Romagnoli and Kathyziqi are released from the ban. The first line is still a combination of Suso, Kutronone and Chalkhanolu. The new help Pykata sits on the bench. On the Neapolitan side, Alan was injured in the game, Ancelotti made Zelinski and Ruis in the middle of the pitch, and the Kalichong offensive, Incinne and Mertensi started. Millik also serves as a start-up center.

In the 6th minute, Insinny made a cross on the left, and Carrellhound intrigued and was shaken by Donaruma to seal the bottom line. Ninth minute. Suzhou's long shot was directly confiscated by the goalie. At 10 minutes, Chalhan Oulu stood up and Kuterone struck his left foot in the penalty area. In the 15th minute Incinny missed the front of the penalty area. In the 17th minute Kurton prevented the goalkeeper from taking a yellow card. In 18 minutes Rui died and received a yellow card. At 23 minutes, Susu shoots high. At 24 minutes Chalhain Oulu hit the door and was confiscated by Ospina. In the 31st minute, Rui missed a long stroke. In 36 minutes Zelinski hit the door outside the penalty area. In the 37th minute, the long shot of Chalhan Oulu was confiscated by Ospina. At 38 minutes, Kalehong missed his left foot. At 41 minutes Pakita received a pass from Suzhou, then turned and hit the door.

At 47 minutes Casey broke the ball into the penalty area and was blocked by the door. Within a minute, Casey missed the door. At 48 minutes Pakita hit the door with his left foot and the ball was confiscated by the goal keeper. In the 51st minute, Incinny's shot was confiscated by Donaldama. In 64 minutes, Millik stopped the ball in the restricted zone and turned to hit the door and the ball was confiscated by Donalmu. After 1 minutes Ruiz scored a long shot. At 67, Zeljenski stood at the top of the restricted area and was marked by Donaldama. In 68 minutes, Milik took the ball with Donaldama. Subsequently, Paquita was replaced by Borini.

In 71 minutes, Piatke replaced Cotrorone and opened the debut of Milan. In the 78th minute Milan turned the corner, Pitkke stood with a bit, Musaka's volley shot, Ospina magically sealed the ball! In the 84th minute Zelinsky lowered off the penalty area and the ball slid off the column. In the 86th minute Albiol beat Poutke to get a yellow card. At 87th Napoli counter-attacked, and Zelinski walked past the door and sent it directly to Zelinsky. Then Casey missed the door. In the 89th minute Zelinski hit the door outside the penalty area and was confiscated by Donaruma. After 90 minutes Chalhan Oulu was substituted by Lacsol. In the 93rd minute Ruis had a second yellow card and was expelled. At the last moment, only 10 players remained in Naples. At the last minute, Ancelotti complained that the judge was sent by the court. In the end, both sides were 0-0.

Attached to both sides of the composition:

AC Milan (4-3-3): 99-Donaruma / 2-Calabria, 22-Musacao, 13-Romanioli, 68-Rodriguez / 79-Casey, 14- Bakayoko, 39-Paquita / 8-Soso, 63-Cutrone (19-Oct 71), 10-Chalhano Lu (93-Laxsolt 90 & amp;

Napoli (1-2-3): 25-Ospina / 2-Marquette, 33-Albiol, 26-Curibali, 6-Ruyi (31-Gurram 71) -Rush, 24-Inssini (11-Uns 88) / 99-Milic, 14-Mertens (9 – Verdi 80)Go back to Sohu and see more

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