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Series A – Demon star low shot to break lazy dagger ball Inter Milan half court 1-0 promotion class – Football Europe and the United States – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-25 04:36:07 Source: Football Europe and the United States

Original title: Serie A – demon star low shot lazy dagger Inter Milan half promotion 1-0

At 3:30 in the morning on November 25, Beijing held the focus of the 13th round of Serie A in the 2018-2019 season at the Meazza stadium in Milan, where Inter played against the new Frosino. In the first half, Martinez stood against the empty door and fired the ball. Xiao Keita won Inter Milan's first goal.

At 3 minutes, Politano scored the ball to the right and cleared it off, and Asamoa received the ball and handed the ball. Dan Brosio scored near the penalty and Sportiero fell to the ground. Save it. In the 6th minute Inter Monas used the position of the ball to pass the ball to the front door, Martinez slightly headed the ball from the left column. In the 7th minute Keith quickly turned to finish his right foot and hit the door after bending over Ariodo in the restricted area. The ball was blocked by Sportier. In the 8th minute Politano cut the ball to the right and cut it in, and then just spent the ball in the back. Martinez facing the empty goalkeeper and throwing the ball.

In the 10th minute Inter Milan broke the blockade of the terrain at the top of Martinez's arc, he took the ball and finished fifth, and Keith's kick was inconvenient, but then his collection was matched and the ball was attached to the grass. Flight to the net, 1-0! Keith scored the first goal of Inter Milan's career. In the 22nd minute, Keith's archer bowed to the front with Nain Golan straight back and back, Martinez headed to the right foot, and Scholiettierro caught his hands to pull the ball from the bottom. In the 30th minute Inter Milan handed the ball, Martinez pushed the ball to the right side of the field, Galaldorey made the ball into the box to form a single knife, and Scottiello quickly attacked and destroyed the opportunity.

In the 40th minute Ballero placed the ball in the penalty area. In front of Shkrynia's ball, the ball hit the right foot directly and the ball was firmly held by Sportiero. After all, Keita put the ball to the bottom and pushed the middle. Once the defender's door was clear, Nain Golan missed the volley in front of the rainbow.

Both sides played:

Inter Milan (4-2-3-1): 1-Handanovic / 18-Asamoa, 37-Shkir, 6-Dedray, 33-Dan Brosio / 20-Bolha-Baleiro, 5-Galliardini / 11-Keta-Bard, 14 -Nin Golan, 16-Politano / 10-Lotharo-Martinez

Frosinone (3-4-2-1): 57-Sportistool / 25-Capuano, 15-Ariodo, 6-Geradiga / 33-André Ya-Begto, 24-Casata, 88-Kresitig, , 89-Pinamonti / 9-Coffani

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