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Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission "Surviving" Surveys Structural de-leverage to meet expectations –

Banking Regulatory Commission "Abolished Survey" transcript

The structural decline in loans is reaching expectations

Yesterday afternoon, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Vang Jaozin, Zhou Liang and Liang Tao, vice chairmen of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, were invited to introduce and resolutely tackle the financial risks.

The Beijing Youth Journal reporter learned during the meeting that the implementation of strict financial policy supervision for two years, barbaric growth phenomenon in China's bank insurance, was detained. As for the real estate industry, which is generally worried by society, Van Jaozin said the Banking Regulatory Commission will continue to apply the "stay and not speculate" principle. In addition, the problem of financing and financing difficulties for small and micro-enterprises that have been warmed up in recent days has also improved to a certain extent.

The press conference revealed that barbarian growth in the field of bank insurance in China is limited and structural withdrawal achieves the expected goal. Wang Zhaosiang said that over the past two years, nearly 100 regulatory systems, regulations and measures have been revised and formulated to offset gaps and gaps in the regulatory system.

After two years of hard work, the financial risk shifted from a diverging to a converging state, while limiting and transforming the situation where financial resources are cut off from reality, so more financial resources deflate and flow into the real economy, which makes shadow banking. Overheating of barbaric growth and real estate financing has been restored by stepping up surveillance so that it can no longer be deployed. "This has also breached the forecasts of some people around the world, saying barbaric growth in shadowing Chinese banking and financial overheating of real estate can cause China's financial system and financial crisis, violating this forecast." Wang Zhaosin said that confidence in two years In business, funds directly invested in industrial and commercial enterprises increased by 30.75%.

In addition, Wang Zhaosin said the structural withdrawal had reached the expected goal of high leverage, which has been repeatedly mentioned by the outside world. "During these two years, the banking industry has earmarked 3.48 trillion yuan of non-performing loans, which has provided room for new loans and effectively supported the financing needs of the real economy."

In order to achieve the above results, it is an integral part of the Banking Regulation Commission's 'rigorous investigation and strict treatment' for two years. Wang Zhaosin said that over the past two years, the Banking Regulatory Commission has conducted on-site inspections of more than 100,000 bank insurance institutions by penalizing nearly 6,000 bank insurance institutions and sanctioning more than 7,000 related persons by banning 300 people have entered the banking insurance sector for a certain period of time or even for a lifetime. Many people. At the same time, there will be a repeal over a period of time, whereas the directors and senior managers of the life insurance institutions are not qualified 454. In addition to the investigation and investigation by the regulatory authorities, the banking insurers are also instructed to carry out internal accountability for their directly responsible persons and managers of illegal and illegal operations.

Responding to the problem of how to solve the financial difficulties of private enterprises and small and microenterprises in the context of rigorous regulatory policies, Zhou Liang said at the meeting that the Banking Regulatory Commission would introduce a series of measures to control the interest rate on loans, the quality of services and support for private rescue businesses.

The data shows that the balance of credit for small and micro enterprises is now 33.5 trillion yuan, of which 10 million yuan, and Pratt & Whitney's small and micro-enterprises have reached 9.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 21.8%. The number of loans to Pratt & Whitney's small and micro-enterprises of 10 million yuan and less has risen by 4.55 million a year.

In addition, the interest rate on loans has dropped significantly. In the fourth quarter of last year, the interest rate on new loans to Pratt & Whitney in the banking sector declined by 0.8 percentage points in the first quarter. The six major banks, including Postbank, have fallen by 1.1 percentage points since the first quarter. Wang Jaozin said that in the process of strict supervision, chaos and strict accountability, regulators have their "cold" side. But at the same time, the supervisor is also temperamental and sentimental.

Text / reporter Li Yang

Release policy

Banks need to "borrow"

On February 25, the Banking Regulatory Commission issued a Notice on Further Enhancing the Performance of Private Enterprises in Financial Services to Various Agencies and Banking Insurance Institutions by Continuing the Optimization of the Financial Services System and Strengthening the Credit to Credit , credit and credit ". In eight aspects, such as the long-term mechanism, twenty-three measures were proposed to clarify.

The "Notice" states that commercial banks should set annual targets for private business services at the beginning of each year, increase the burden on private enterprise financing operations in the internal performance appraisal mechanism and increase positive incentives.

The "Notice" emphasizes that the real situation can help private businesses that have faced the risky event to fund the rescue. For private enterprises that are currently facing difficulties, the bank insurance institutions have to treat them differently in accordance with the principles of market realization and the rule of law and adopt "support measures" to reduce the liquidity risks of enterprises. The "Notice" also requires commercial banks to set the target for services for private enterprises in 2019 by the end of March 2019 and to settle the loan agreement together with the real research activity of private enterprises. Large-scale commercial banks with state-owned farms must give full effect to the Goose Head effect, and in 2019 the total lending of Pratt & Whitney's small and micro-enterprises will increase by more than 30% annually, and the total the cost of financing the loan will be controlled at a reasonable level. Text / reporter Cheng Gi

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