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Su Youpeng whispers and remembers Jin Yong, remembering the challenges and difficulties of "Eternal Dragon and Dragon Sword" _ staff

Original title: Su Youpeng whispers to remember Jin Yong Recalls the challenges and difficulties of "Eternal Dragon Slayer"

Su Youpeng's handsome appearance

Sohu Entertainment News (Shanghai Ma Rongling / Wen Station) Recently, Su Youpeng appeared in Shanghai to attend the opening ceremony of the Intercontinental Hotel in Sheshan. Su Youpeng appeared in a purple suit, handsome and elegant. On the scene, Su Youpeng could not hide his joy and admire the majesty of this architectural miracle. In the interview, when Jin Yong died, Su Youpeng whined and remembered Jin Yong, and recalled the challenges and difficulties of shooting "Eternal Dragon and Dragon Sword".

For the creation of this god who made the mining walls left behind to become the wonders of world architecture, Su Youpeng was surprised by the sky: "Special excitement, not only me, including my staff, everyone" wow wow "along the way, the entire landscape, combined with views nature, a very complicated and difficult architectural style, I think it's a very new sight. "

When talking about how to balance career and life, Su Youpeng said: "After last year's" X Suspect Dedication ", I gave myself a long vacation. When work in the past few years was crowded, I really wanted to control the rhythm of my own life. Now I can do this relatively well. I want to enjoy life as much as possible. Work can be combined with work and rest. "

Su Youpeng's memory of "Eternal Dragon and Dragon Slayer"

As for future work plans, Su Youpeng said with a smile: "I will return to the bank long after I participated in" Chinese Restaurant 2 ". Now I have a story based on real social news events in film and film production." In progress. "To early films and television works, Xi Youpeng shouted: "I always go to hot search because" Huanzhugege "and" Love is Deep Rain ", I sleep one. When I wake up and see it again, I always give a signal. I think everyone should really like me, so if there is an opportunity to act, sometimes it will feel good, welcome. "

Su Youpeng also clearly stated that "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" was an important work in his acting career. "At that time, as a young actor, Zhang Wuji was the first man I took in my career, and Jin Yong. A novel is a very big masterpiece, and the relationship between characters is complicated. I have a lot of things in my head. my first time. "Because of the connection between beats, Su Youpeng must be in various character emotions. Switch freely, "Shooting every night every day, jumping nonstop, 40 episodes of the script, you must always remember stories up and down, very complicated, always remember where the last mood, how to contact." Jin Yong October 30 After the death of that day, the public expressed his sadness and hatred in different ways, remembering his talents and literary attitudes. Speaking of this, Su Youpeng's eyes cried and he choked: "My Weibo praised the image made by a netizen. The classic character in Jin Yong's painting is all the backs. Everyone reached out and bid farewell to him. This picture was taken by many people. Continuing comments and expressing emotions. Did you know, I might feel different from you, I was one of the people who stood there and watched, very sad. "Return to Sohu and see more

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