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Support the new Hebei Xiong district, deepen the reforms and expand the opening of the new Xiong County |

Original title: Support for Xiong's New District in Hebei Province Complete deepening of reforms and opening

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Jan. 24, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issue "Leading Opinions to Support the Comprehensive Deployment of the Reform and the Opening of the New Hebei Xiong District."

The Opinion states that the creation of the new Xiong district in Hebei province is a key decision-making decision by the Party's Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of further promoting the coordinated development of Beijing -Tingjin-Hebei. The new area is a major historical strategic choice, a milestone plan and a national event.

The Opinion states that in order to support the comprehensive deepening reform and the opening of the new Xiong County of Hebei Province, we must fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the second and third plenary session of the 19th Central Committee and adhere to the spirit of the new age of socialism of the Jinping. Strengthening the overall leadership of the party, adhering to the common tone of steady progress, adhering to the new concept of development, promoting the overall five-in-one layout, and coordinating the promotion of the "four comprehensive" requirements for strategic layout and adoption of structural reform on the supply side as the main line. Always adhere to world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high-point positioning, firmly grasp the initial focus of Beijing's non-capital function and centralized distribution, focus on creating "Xiong quality", building on "Integrity and Integrity" and High Quality Building The National Quality Development Model will further emancipate consciousness and innovation and give Xiong 'a New District greater autonomy in reforms and will strive to Rabbi breakthroughs in innovation, urban management, public services, etc. Non-capping function that meets the requirements for high quality and future development Institutional system, promoting safe men New achieve higher quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable development, and strive to build a new concept for development to implement an innovative model of development, to contribute to the overall state of reform and the opening of the country.

"Opinions" require the system to promote system and mechanism reform, management system and modernization of management capabilities, promote the promotion of the new Xiong district, promote innovation in reform and development, and build the new Xiong district. year in a non-capital functional host in Beijing. The urban agglomeration of Djindji is an important, high-quality and high-quality socialist modernized city that plays a leading role in the deepening of reforms and takes a new era to promote a new path of high-quality development and creation of a high-quality development model for the new era.

By 2022, the institutional system that adapts to the positioning and high-quality requirements of the new Xiong County plays a crucial role in resource allocation and better plays the role of the government, such as the reform of key areas and key links has achieved remarkable results as well as the development of quality and easing The environment and the active and efficient innovation atmosphere are basically shaped and the function and attraction of the population of the capital of Beijing have not increased the significance demonstrating the role of reform and opening as a major driving force for the development of the new Xiong district.

By 2035, the various measures for a comprehensive deepening of reforms and opening up in the new Xiong district have been fully implemented and a system with full system, scientific standardization and efficient work has been built and the non-capital function of the new region is further optimized and developed. The quality standard system is essentially mature and gradually promoted, and action to create links to promote high-quality development is further underlined.

By the middle of this century, the socialist market economy system of Xiong's New District was more perfect, the management system and management capacity were upgraded, quality transformation of economic development, efficiency reform, and dynamic change were largely completed, society full of vitality, harmony and order, as well as experience of reform and opening. The results are widely popular throughout the country and form a strong international influence.

The "Opinions" also provide for specific measures to support common requirements, key tasks and safeguards for comprehensive deepening reform and the opening of the new Xiong district in Hebei.

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