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Tencent Music is registered in the United States, creating billionaire music

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First Finance2018-12-12 23:18:02

Tencent Music is registered in the United States, creating billionaire music

The news of "Tencent Music Listing" has been spreading for nearly a year. On Dec. 12, Tencent Music finally shot the NYSE clock and became the first online music entertainment platform in China to appear in the US.

The stock code is "TME" and the issue price is $ 13. Based on the issue price of US $ 13, the proposed fund is $ 1,066 million and the estimate is $ 21.3 billion.

Online music payment2490Ten thousand

Tencent Music has four main sections: QQ Music, Cool Dog, Cool Me and National K Song.

In the first three quarters of 2018, Tencent Music Entertainment Group generated revenue of 13,588 billion yuan, net profit of 2,707 billion yuan and adjusted earnings of 3,257 billion yuan.

As of September 30, the Tencent Music Entertainment Group had 24.9 million online music users paying a 3.8 percent pay rate, social entertainment paying consumers 9.9 million, and a 4.4 percent pay rate.

In the third quarter of 2018, the total number of monthly users exceeded 800 million and the average daily usage of users exceeded 70 minutes.

The last "Tencent Department" is listed this year

According to public information, Tencent Music will also be the last company to enter the Tencent Division's capital market in 2018.

According to media reports this year, Tencent Capital's new shares reached a total of 16 on the Hong Kong stock market and the US stock market.

Among them are Xiaomi Group, Yingke, Mei Tuan Comments and so on. the stock market in Hong Kong, such as iQiyi, fun titles, multiplayer, Weilai, Mushroom Street and so on. the US stock market.

Towards the end of time in Beijing on December 11, the total market capitalization of these 15 companies (excluding Tencent Music) to which Tencent participates exceeded 1,050 billion RMB.

Create billionaires in the field of music

In terms of individual shareholdings, all top executives and board members occupy a total of 8.4%, co-chairman and cool founder of Xie Zhenyu dogs occupy 4.2% and co-chair and founder of maritime music Xie Guomin occupy 4% .

Tencent Music has registered or created hundreds of billionaires in the music field and changed the "music poverty" strangely.

Editor: Zhou Hiaao

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