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The Asteroid Colonial Age Comes, Are You Ready? – Lanzhou Daily – Hanfeng Net

2018-11-27 03:04:11 Source: Lanzhou Daily

The study of the universe is on the one hand to satisfy human curiosity. At the same time, people also want to take advantage of the deep space resources.

"From now on, humanity has carried out more than 200 space exploration studies, the use and development of space resources has become a global hot spot, and the era of colonization of the asteroid will soon come," said Yang Zhen, a researcher at the National Space Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The asteroid is a celestial body in the solar system that resembles a planet circling the sun, but has a much smaller volume and mass than the planet. Asteroids that are closer to Earth are called asteroids near the Earth. In addition, there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and about 90% of the known asteroids are in the asteroid girdle.

Although they are small, their number is enormous. It is believed that there are probably millions of asteroids in the solar system. For asteroids people do not know enough about it. "More than 60% of the asteroids have not received detailed spectral data from it, and some even have spectral data but the analysis only remains on the surface composition and does not know its internal composition." Jan Ghen pointed out that at the moment Whether there are very rare resources or precious metals of the asteroids, there are still some contradictions.

But the results of the preliminary observations also make people excite. Scientists believe that Amun, the asteroid 3554 with a diameter of about 2.5 kilometers, may contain platinum and other metal deposits worth more than $ 20 trillion. The 252-kilometer asteroid 16-Psyche, whose mineral value is considered an astronomical figure: $ 1019.

If you want to colonize asteroids, early "research" is essential. In fact, the US, Europe and Japan have their own asteroid research programs and some research projects have been carried out. More and more small and medium-sized countries are planning to carry out deep space exploration projects. At the same time, more and more venture capital and private companies are focusing on exploring deep space for the purpose of extracting and using asteroid resources. This means that the era of colonization of the asteroids is coming.

□ According to Science and Technology Daily

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