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The bank card associated with the mobile phone number becomes "three numbers": four major authorities reacted strongly – e-commerce – payment platform / internet financing

Today, too many mobile phone numbers will be actively and passively connected to different service platforms, but it is not easy to get out of the boat on board and it is not easy to untie them, especially when you encounter bank cards. Recently some Netanyans have reflected the problem of unrelated bank cards and changed the mobile phone number. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Bank of China, the State Commission for Supervision and Property Administration and the Insurance Regulatory Commission in China responded immediately.

For example, Sichuan Luzu Net "Shan Shui"Bank transaction data for the former owner of the mobile phone number are unhappy, but the bank has to issue a paper certificate for the mobile phone number:

The mobile phone number always gets the message from the ex-owner's former farm bank and I find it uncomfortable. I went to the bank to ask to unblock my mobile phone number and the ex-household boss's bank account so the information was not sent to my mobile phone.

It was very simple. The Agricultural Bank can find the registered mobile banking by mobile phone number. Mobile banking online can find the bank account identification number in order to find the bank card of the person and the mobile phone number stored in the bank and the bank can connect . The owner of the ABC card called on him to untie him.

However, my bank prefers to prove that this mobile phone number is mine and I have to print proof of paper consumption but I can not see it on my mobile phone. In the age when information internet is so popular today, it is still a small problem to deal with so little matter.

Can such a thing improve? Can it change? Obviously the problem caused to me by the former head of the mobile phone, but I have to prove it. Can not just call the next owner? Besides, my whereabouts are not my current place of residence, and the local business hall can not produce paper materials!

Another example is the Wumen Mountain in Wuhan, Hubei.I want to release the second mobile phone number and find that nobody cares about it:

My mobile number is a second hand and this has caused some of my problems lately. Since the owner of the mobile phone number does not change its original number in software and bank, which is the number I use now. That's why some unexpected text messages and phone calls have recently hit my cell phone.

Then I called the customer service for telecommunications and learned that they also acted in accordance with usual procedures, such as non-binding mobile phone numbers, can not interfere because it will involve consumer confidentiality.

So this question turned to me. I found that this problem belongs to an area that can not be managed by anyone but the user. I am worried about how to resolve such problems.

Another example is netizen "Kitten" in Qingdao, Shandong.Change the bank card mobile phone number and go to the business lounge to personally queue:

Today, many banks do not support the separation of mobile phone numbers on the Internet. In many cases, bank cards need to be tied to new mobile phone numbers, and it is often unpleasant to go to the bank to wait for the order. That's why I hope that the state can solve the problem with the tireless and change the number of the mobile phone under the bank card.

About the problem that such mobile phone numbers and bank cards can not be loosed by Netanya, the Department of Industry and Information Technology today announced the official response to the four departments that will jointly promote the solution:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

Building on the strengthening of resource management by code numbers of telecommunication networks and strengthening the notification of telecommunications services, it will jointly promote telecommunication enterprises and banks in the Banking Regulatory Commission, strengthen cooperation, standardize non-binding issues related to secondary sales of mobile phone numbers, and will create bank card solutions. Long-term mechanism for linking mobile phone numbers.

National Bank:

This will encourage the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology or the communications and financial regulators and commercial banks to establish a mechanism for verifying the real names of mobile phone numbers, to encourage commercial banks to explore and explore ways to increase the use of the Internet cell phone mobilization channels. Disconnection and change of the mobile phone number between different markets requires the commercial bank to inform the financial user and inform the five parties of the non-attached procedures.


China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile's leadership to deeply analyze the problems and shortcomings suggested improving the mechanism for processing secondary numbers of communications enterprises and exploring the establishment of cross-cutting mechanisms and processing platforms.

Bank Regulatory Commission:

It will invite commercial banks to strengthen information signals and encourage the tying and unbinding of bank cards and mobile telephone numbers with customers and direct commercial banks to further strengthen financial knowledge and publicity and to raise awareness of consumer safety and opportunities to prevent risks.


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