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The beautiful position will hang! Evergrande 1 action means fear of change coach Cannavaro coach ability is worrying – Daigulong –

2018-11-23 12:02:48 Source: Daigulong

Original title: The nice position is hanging! Evergrande 1 action means fear of change Coach Cannavaro coach ability is worrying

The Shanghai Super League Awards Ceremony became the biggest winner, and the Shanghai Superhuman team winning the Super League Championship was equipped with this glory. The lucky family, in the case of shine in Shanghai, is the fate of Evergrande, they are the background board and this poor performance means the team will start making big changes!

Currently, Evergrande's goal is external aid and, in addition to Tališka and Paulinho, the remaining three foreign aids, Kim Young, Gallat and Alan are faced with the opportunity to leave the team, among whom Kim Young has already sent to J-League Osaka, Allen. Upon reaching an oral agreement with the Turkish Super League, Gore may return to Baghia.

Correcting foreign aid is only the first step, and another one that is likely to change is the team coach! Currently, the action of Evergrande 1 reveals that Cannavaro is facing a crisis in the class. In the Super League final, Evergrande defeated TEDA 5: 1, and the team immediately entered the holiday. However, all players do not know when to train because the beautiful map does not give time.

Is the map beautiful forgotten? From the media in Guangzhou, Kanavaro has actually put forward plans and plans for winter training, and the tendency is to go to West Asia for training because the national football team plays in the Asian Cup in West Asia, but the club leaders disapprove the Cashua plan. There was no answer at the top, and Kashuai had no exact conception of the team's return time. Perhaps the Evergrande executives have not reacted for a while and can wait for a new order.

This is a big push for Cannavaro because everyone knows the season 2018 is the first time Evergrande has lost the Super League title since entering the Super League. The goal of the crown, and second, did not get a few new stars in the training of young players. As for Cannavaro's ability to train, he has not yet shown the standard of being a coach of a team of champions.

It can be said that Cannavaro is experiencing a crisis of confidence and since this confidence is zero, it means that Cannavaro faces a crisis of class. The Italians also know they have failed in the season 2018. In the third field there is no champion. If you transfer to a big team, the back will be the head coach! What is the destiny of Kashuai, we will wait and see!

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