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The best-selling exclusive game in the country since 1995 came from this company – Games – cnBeta.COM

According to dualshockers, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella released a list showing that the country's best-selling exclusive game since 1995 was produced by Nintendo. Exclusive games have always been high-quality works that are proud of by the host manufacturer, and this is also the first masterpiece that many hardcore players have been waiting for.from

This year's monopolies, such as "God of War 4", "Marvel Spider-Man" and "Forza Motorsport: Horizon 4" have reached another sales record, even though their reputation is diverse, but this cannot shake their investment. Strength of heart is reality.

So, in exclusive first party games from many hosts, which game is the most profitable with the highest sales results? Today, NPD analyst Mat Piscatella released a list on Twitter (not including the sale of the digital version), let's see!

Register China:

1.Wii Fit (22.67 million)

2. Wii Play (28.02 million)

3. Mario Racing Wii (37.14 million)

4.Wii Fit Plus (21.13 million)

5. New Super Mario Brothers Wii (30.22 million)

6. New Super Mario Brothers DS (30.8 million)

7. Mario Racing DS (23.6 million)

8. Super Mario 64

9. Chaos Nintendo star X (13.29 million)

10.Wii Sports Sports Resort (33.09 million)

Mat Piscatella has previously released a list of the best-selling exclusive games on PS4, Xbox One and PSV, but this time this list is the best-selling TOP10 game in 1995. From this table we can find 10 games. All produced by Nintendo. Therefore, despite the fact that Sony Microsoft wants to fight, the glory of N64 and NDS cannot be closed.

The Wii and NDS can be said to be the best-selling game console in history, so the games on these two consoles cover more than half of this list, and the prestigious Super Mario 64 ranks on this list. Doubtful. The ranking and data from the game on the list are real, the data contributed by NPD for this list can also be said to reproduce the past glory of these 10 games, but people cannot help wondering the best-selling game in the history of Microsoft and Sony. What are a few? We will wait and see!

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