Wednesday , January 20 2021

The brightest comet this year will arrive at Perigate in the middle of this month – Science Exploration – cnBeta.COM

The Astronomy Department website at the University of Maryland has published a communiqué that a comet will arrive on a perigee on the 16th and become the brightest comet of the night sky in 2018. According to the relevant monitoring project of the University of Maryland, the comet called 46P / Wertanin, will arrive in the pergiya at 8: 6 in the morning (16: 6 in Beijing on the 16th) after arriving on the nearest day for almost 4 days. About 11.5 million kilometers from Earth.

The brightest comet this year will arrive at Perigate in the middle of this month.


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This is the tenth closest to Earth since the 1950s.

The comet itself is relatively bright if the clear atmosphere is good enough, even visible to the naked eye. Now people can now use the telescope to watch this comet. Upon arrival in the nearest day, the observations of this comet will last for several weeks.

Astronomers say the near-flying comet on Earth is a good opportunity to capture and measure the explosion, but the comet's core is only 1.2 kilometers in diameter, only one-tenth of Halley's comet and can not see long. Iris, so if you look at it in a city of light pollution it may be difficult.

This comet was discovered in 1948 by American astronomer Karl Weir Tanin, and the current period of revolution is only 5.4 years. It belongs to a family of Jupiter comets, ie. the distant point is close to the orbit of Jupiter, and the operation is influenced by the gravity of Jupiter. Most of the more than 400 family comets are weak, mainly because they often enter the inner solar system and volatile substances quickly deplete.

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