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The end of the song, not Zhan Wei from the same stage! The friendship between James and Wade is the best in history! "Wade, history, Lakers, that in it – BSED

2018-12-11 23:51:51 Source: BSED

Original title: The end of the song, without Zhang Wei on the same scene! The friendship between James and Wade is the best in history!

On December 11, the regular NBA season continued, and the Lakers played against the heat. This is the last time the two teams have played in the regular season this season and if both teams can not meet in the playoffs, this game will be James and Wade (at the beginning of the season Wade said it was his last season) Season) The last time between the two 03 superstars.

Today, Lakers made a video worship of Wade, deciding to stop the first game after its first quarter. The audience in Los Angeles stood up and applauded, and Wade and Wade waved to the audience. Both sides struggled to the last minute and the Lakers with 3 points with 108-105 in the second quarter with 22.5 seconds. After the Heat shutdown, McGrawd's layup was blocked by Bauer and Heat called the timeout. LeBron watched Wade carefully, Wade missed three points, and McGrand retreated, and Winslow missed three points, and Lewers bounced on the river. Heat.

With 22.5 seconds left in the game, James scored two free kicks. After James scored the first penalty, the score was 105-107, and the two-point Lakers. Wade went and told James a few words. When the reporter asks what Wade said, Wade replied: "I told him to let him throw the ball to win the victory, and if he misses a punishment, we have a wait, we still have two points but he does not want to miss that ball.

During his 16-year career, James and Wade united with Cavaliers to win two championship trophies and reunite. From opponents, comrades and back to opponents, they are always inseparable. As a close friend, James knows Wade. For a veteran who has fought for 16 seasons, "respect" is the best gift for the other side.

After the game, James and Wade exchanged their T-shirts as they embraced. The scene of the love of the two hugs countless fans. Leicester Wharton coach, the same as LeBron and Wade, concluded: "They are both of the greatest in history, and when you get into the NBA you will know how short the player's career is." Especially. "Commented teacher, Chu Chun, laughed and said," I had to go home to show love, I need to send a long pavilion ten miles! "It is true that the friendship between James and Wade is the best in history!

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