Monday , September 26 2022

The fastest 2.6 seconds to break the hundredth new model Tesla S / X officially enrolled – Tesla Tesla electric car


Tesla's official site recently announced the price of the new Tesla S / X model, the new S model launches a total of three models, the price range is72,28-84,07 millionThe new X model is also divided into 3 models, the price range being73.71-85.51 million yuan, S / X models onlyThe high-quality version of Performance is available in violent mode and the optional price is 35,000 yuan.

This change, soOdometer durability, adaptive air suspension and charging speed have improved. In addition, both models were launched at the same time as the standard battery version, and the price of the original two versions was also adjusted.

New S / X modelStandard autopilot assistance systemIf you need automatic driving capability4.63 million yuan,If you choose a post-sale upgrade, you'll have to spend65,000 yuan.

In terms of power, Tesla introduced a new two-engine four-wheel drive system for two new cars and introduced it at the same time.Constant magnet synchronous motor system.When the light load or power consumption is not high, it is driven only by the front permanent magnet motor, and due to the characteristics of the asynchronous engine, the rear wheel does not generate a reverse force. He tooThe design of the lubrication system, cooling system, bearings and wheels has been optimized and this series of upgrades has increased the range of new cars by about 12%.

Suspension, both new cars are equipped with an adaptive air suspension systemThe system will predict the state of the road based on driver behavior and pre-recorded road information.Thanks to the application of the system, the new car has improved significantly in terms of patency and comfort. AdditionalThe system also supports OTA upgrades.The future will have a better experience.

Both new cars are supported on the battery sideWith the third-generation super fast-pile drivers, the maximum charging power is up to 200KW.In addition, the two new cars can also receive 146KW power in the second generation superfuel pilots.

In addition to the above three major improvements, the new car is also equippedThe latest autopilot hardware HW 3.0According to the official introduction, the new car will be fully automated within the OTA function for 2020.

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